Nobody will ever call Hillary or Obama prognosticators

President Trump just tweeted out this brief video that made me chuckle.

And for good reason.

Nothing like taking the words of Hillary and Obama and ramming them right down their throats.

I don’t think anyone will ever consider Hillary or Obama prognosticators.

Everything they said about what would happen if Trump won wasn’t just a swing and a miss. It was outside of the ballpark entirely.

But that’s not especially surprising.

Although Hillary Clinton became an expert at getting rich, she hasn’t a clue how a free market works.

Eight years of Obama pretty much proved that he had no idea what made an economy flourish.

Though he was terrific at making it grind to a screeching halt.

But the truth is, Obama knew so little about the free market, he couldn’t even figure out why it ground to a screeching halt.

But Donald Trump knew why.

You don’t need to be prognosticators to know that crippling taxes and over-burdening regulations kill an economy.

So what did Trump do? He slashed regulations and cut taxes.

And unlike the failed prognosticators Hill and Barry, Trump knew exactly what would happen when he did it.

The economy not only flourished, it’s soaring.

All without the benefit of a magic wand.


There’s nothing more Schadenfreuderrific than going back and watching those two issue portends of gloom and doom as if they knew what in the hell they were talking about.

So scratch prognosticators off the list of things you’re qualified to be, you guys.

Because the truth is, you couldn’t predict your way out of a paper bag.

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4 thoughts on “Nobody will ever call Hillary or Obama prognosticators

  • June 7, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    WHAT DO CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS DO! They slash regulations and cut taxes. The best REAL (as opposed to NOMINAL) American economy of the last 58 years was ’80 – ’89. The President slashed regulations and cut taxes. “THE GOVERNMENT CAN NEVER SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS. … the gvernment is our problem!” SOTU ’82.
    I can’t get the period afterS to die. I have tried my best to kill it

  • June 7, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    And the runner up awards go to Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi.

  • June 7, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    I prognosticate Mike Pence will have a happy birthday today and Donald Trump will have one a week from today.

  • June 8, 2018 at 8:31 am

    As a professional “prognosticator” I always found it quite humorous whenever the wizards of smart decide to bless us with their visions of the future. The only thing that troubles me is that the Main Stream Media NEVER bothers to report on the results of these prognostications. Like when Good Morning America pronounced that New York City would be under four feet of water in ten years. Yet when ten years came and went, New York City was high and dry.

    If no one happens to notice that you blew your forecast, do you still have to do a bust review ?

    If you were in my unit I would NEVER fail to notice. And only by realizing that you have been wrong and study why you were wrong can you improve. Which is why I no longer mind the slavish devotion we see every day in the MSM that is filled with people whose only concern is how they can best serve their masters on the left.

    The last 12 years in service my most important job was to take young energetic forecasters and train them to be good forecasters. One of the things I wrote upon their hearts was the simple fact that if your forecast was wrong then you MUST examine your assumptions and methods before assuming it was the data that lied. This is the first step to learning and improving and it is the step that the left doesn’t even know they are missing (with the help of the MSM).

    This is why the 2016 election was such a shock to the left, the political royalty and everyone who still believed what the MSM says.

    I should not enjoy the sufferings that result from such stunningly bad prognostications, but I do.

    MSG Grumpy

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