Nothing says Iowa quite like De Blasio

Nothing says Iowa quite like De Blasio

New York City mayor Warren Wilhelm, Jr (AKA Bill De Blasio) and several of his staff will be spending some vacation time in Iowa this weekend to help drag the Felonious HRC over the finish line.

Yeah. That’ll really fly. Because nothing says Iowa quite like De Blasio

From the New York Post:

The mayor’s on-the-ground role is unusual for a campaign surrogate. There are no plans for him to appear with Clinton, whom he endorsed belatedly in the campaign, or to headline any of his own events, as Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have done. By contrast, Sanders had campaign surrogate actor Justin Long warm up a crowd of Des Moines high school students, and deployed actress Susan Sarandon to deliver hits on Clinton from the campaign trail.
Instead, as a seasoned campaign operative who ran Clinton’s own 2000 Senate campaign and ran Bill Clinton’s reelection effort in New York, de Blasio will spend hours knocking on doors of ordinary Iowans. He’ll also be dialing them up on the phone at their homes to try to make sure Clinton’s contingent of older, more experienced caucus goers show up to support her.

I think if Bill De Blasio showed up at my door this weekend, he’d be greeted by my pitbull, me and my Mossberg 500.

See, here’s the problem for Hillary. Iowa’s more radical leftist Democrat voters are more inclined to caucus for Bernie than for her. And apparently there aren’t any homegrown radical leftist big names in Iowa, so she has to import a few from Manhattan.

Kinda blows the whole “Hillary at the bowling alley” optics out of the water, doesn’t it?

I can see this as a bit of a two-edged sword. The more desperate Hillary becomes to woo voters away from the old coot socialist, the more Hillary has to veer left. And the more Hillary has to veer left, the more the traditional Democrats of Iowa will be turned off.

And as the New York Post pointed out in another article from Thursday:

Now, heading to Iowa, he’s talking like her biggest booster — though he’s far closer ideologically to Sanders than to the finger-in-the-wind Clinton.
Rather than coming off as a stalwart progressive out to “translate” Clinton’s pragmatism to lefty Iowans leaning toward Bernie, de Blasio ends up looking as unprincipled as his chosen candidate.
Don’t be surprised if Iowans end up laughing at the Big Apple’s mayor as much as New Yorkers do.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing says Iowa quite like De Blasio

  • January 30, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    I personnaly hope they LAUGH THIER A$$ESS OFF at this COMMIE BAT-RASTARD. I can’t imagine the charges that would be levied against me if this COMMIE DOUSHBAG ever showed up in my friggin neighborhood. The Hildabeast cannot win in IOWA or any where else. Uncle B.S. can not win either. They must be crushed by the true patriots of this Nation. I pray for common sense in IOWA.

    Thanks again Dianny. You really get me fired up with your articles. You are OUTSTANDING!! We are on the same or similar wavelengths and modulating frequencies. Thank you for your work.

  • January 31, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    i’d love to see someone do an Abner Louima on hizzoner with that corn on the cob

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