Obamacare: So great they exempted themselves

Happy Monday, all.

My apologies for the late start. I was blessed to have a lady from church come by this morning to do some weeding for me since I’m not allowed. And I couldn’t bring myself to go in the house and get to work while she was doing this huge favor for me. So I sat outside and chatted with her as she weeded.

This whole last week has been a bit bizarre for me. My Mom had surgery last Tuesday and has been up in the hospital this whole time. And, for the same reason I can’t weed, I can’t go up to the hospital to visit her.

It isn’t like I live ten hours away. I am literally three miles from the hospital and I can’t visit my Mom. As you can imagine, that’s made me all manner of distracted and sad.

Any old how.

Now that I’ve given you my excuses for being noticeably absent, let’s get back to it.

I am thrilled that President Trump is playing hard ball with these idiots in the Senate over the repeal of Obamacare.

And he knew exactly how to hit them.

Amazing, isn’t it? Congress really believes they are above the law.

And it’s the height of hypocrisy that these same people who tell us Obamacare is a utopian wonder demanded to be exempt from it.

The truth is these shit-for-brains in Congress didn’t force this unsustainable law on the little people because “healthcare is a right.”

They didn’t do it to make healthcare “affordable.”

And they certainly didn’t do it out of any compassion or caring.

It was about controlling the unwashed masses.

The Democrats and many Republicans have jettisoned the notion of “self-government.”

These guys do not believe they are just like us.

In fact, they believe that they are better than us, more important than us, and more deserving than us.

If Obamacare really was this panacea they sold it as, they would have had no reason to exempt themselves.

But they did. Because Obamacare is for the little people — not for them.

President Trump is right.

Make them live under the same burdensome law they’ve saddled us with.

Subsidies to Congress and the insurance companies aren’t paid by the Subsidy Fairy.

They’re paid for by you and me.

So not only are some of you paying through the nose for your insurance so that other Americans can get subsidies. But every taxpayer is on the hook for subsidizing Congress and the Insurance companies.

For us, Obamacare is about as “affordable” as a Rolls Royce but with the quality of a 1973 Ford Pinto.

Yet Congress gets the quality of a Rolls Royce without the sticker shock because we the people are picking up the tab.

How is that right?

Laws are not just for the little people.

That is precisely why for the last eight years many of us have said making a “healthcare law” was impossible because this “law” does not treat all Americans equally. Some are treated better under this law by way of subsidies and expanded Medicaid. While others are overburdened with higher rates because they’re not only paying for their own insurance, but they’re subsidizing others.

How the hell is that being “equal under the law?”

Maybe it’s because my Mom needs to go into a rehab facility and her choices are limited by what her insurance will cover that I’m smoking mad about the failure to repeal Obamacare.

Or maybe I’m just smoking mad because this whole Kabuki is just so damn maddening.

And by making it clear to Congress that he won’t take “move on from Obamacare” for an answer, I know that our President is smoking mad too.

He’s on our side. Congress is not.

And he knows how many people have been harmed both financially and medically by this cumbersome, unworkable “law.”

Congress doesn’t give a damn.

And why should they?

So long as they are exempt from Obamacare, they really have no reason to give a damn.

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