Of course the Women’s March is a festering, steaming nest of Anti-Semites

I think it’s great that the Women’s March is being exposed as the Anti-Semites they are.

But it’s hardly a shock.

The truth is, that fact was known from the beginning.

If only the news media had taken an interest back when they were praising these Anti-Semites for their “brave” stand against Donald Trump.

Then again if you are part of the ResistanceLOL the news media is happy to gloss over your bigotry and hate.

Where was Jake Tapper back in July of last year when Dana Loesch did this video for NRA TV?

This isn’t new.

And if you think that the leaders of the Women’s March are going to denounce Louis Farrakhan, well, let’s put it this way: Nazi gonna happen.

After all, Women’s March founder Tamika Mallory considers Farrakhan the greatest of all time.


Just days after Dana did that video for NRA-TV, the Women’s March celebrated the birthday of cop killer Joanne Chesimard – or, as she likes to be called “Assata Shakur.”

And in my column These chicks have a fetish for murderers, I wrote:

“When sane people on Twitter reacted with horror, the Women’s March tweeted out a 20-part defense of their fetish for Joanne Chesimard.

“And naturally – hang on to your hats – they claimed to be the Victim of far-right attacks.

“You see, those meanie-meanie people from the ‘far right’ were just getting upset because we’re ‘threatened’ by their ‘movement.’

“No, you dumb broads.

“We’re not threatened by you.

“We’re disgusted by you.

“Pretending a domestic terrorist was doing nothing but ‘political dissent’ is an insult to our intelligence.”

‘Sure, Hitler was a mass-murderer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t respect the fact that he was a committed vegetarian and non-smoker.’

“What’s truly sad is there are so many naïve, well-meaning do-gooders who really think the Women’s March is nothing but a peaceful part of the ResistanceLOL.

“They’re not.

“They’re a group of anti-American radicals with a fetish for murderers who are heavily funded by anti-American groups – and George Soros.

“And like most of these radicals, they dress up their true intentions with smarmy, sugary words to dupe the woefully uninformed.

“Which, of course, includes mind-numbed Hollywood dingbats like Ashley Judd, America Ferrera and Madonna.

“But they’re not the harmless pussies they pretend to be.”

Given all that, is it really shocking that the Women’s March is a festering, steaming nest of Anti-Semites?

I’m certainly not shocked.

Most so-called “social justice movements” are nothing more than insidious extremists hiding behind a patina a feel-goodism. And their primary goal is never the one they publicly espouse.

As a result, wooly-headed know-nothings hoodwinked by the feel-good lies glom on willingly.

But if they knew the truth, the thousands of gullible people who flock to their marches would run screaming in the opposite direction.

So in that respect, I’m happy that the radical, hate-filled associations of the Women’s March are being exposed.

I only hope enough of the gullible people who fell for their pussy-hat-covered con are paying attention.

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4 thoughts on “Of course the Women’s March is a festering, steaming nest of Anti-Semites

  • March 9, 2018 at 3:56 pm


    Maybe the issue with Farrakhan and all the other people mention is not negative opinions on Jewish people but that they actively undermine the West and it’s Christian values. Maybe the women’s vote that you’re so proud of on the about page is not progress*, but marxist ideals creeping in through the backdoor into the Christian West that help destroy it from the inside. Which is maybe why modern marxist feminists hook up with Islamists and black supremacists to undermine Christianity and the West, which is their combined real enemy, and there is no internal inconsistency in their views.

    Which why you’re left bleating about how you’ve been more virtuously marxist than they’ve been and the left doesn’t care because you’ve completely bought into the idea that they have the superior moral framework.

    But yeah, it’s a just dream, I know, to not live in movie set in 1944. To maybe someday we talk about what’s going on in American society without referencing the Jews or the Holocaust or making sure we’ve established for certain, for the billionth time, that the Nazis and genocide are bad.

    So continue on with rant #1,032,919 about how the leftist are the real racists. I’m sure it will work this time.

    *I’m a woman, if that matters.

    • March 9, 2018 at 4:04 pm

      Oh, so I’m a marxist now? Lady, permit me to -sigh- right back at you. This is one seriously screwed up assessment. But you do you.

      • March 9, 2018 at 5:03 pm

        The reds are under the bed

  • March 9, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    Nothing but a bunch of hateful, left wing, femi-Nazis. All they do is spew hate. They are as bad as any hate group and worse than most.

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