Okay sorry I laughed

One of the primary Ferguson activists is St Louis Alderman and long-time civil rights activist Antonio French.

Doing what any decent human being would do, when gunfire erupted, French let several young men who were part of the Michael Brown Got Shot for Attacking a Police Officer Anniversary demonstrations seek refuge in his office “Heal St Louis.”

Then, this happened.

Okay sorry I laughed. It was callous.

But come on. Are you surprised?

I’d say it’s poetic justice, but there isn’t any justice in what these thugs are doing.

They weren’t there to commemorate the death of Michael Brown so much as they were there to commemorate the anniversary of free stuff from the Quik Stop.

The last thing deserving of an anniversary is the phony baloney “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” hooey that spawned out of Michael Brown’s justifiable death.

To me, this tweet says it all.

I’m sorry you got robbed, Antonio. But I’m not surprised.

There’s nothing worse than having your idealistic fiction rudely interrupted by reality.

Hat tip the Gateway Pundit.

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