Ole Joe keeps looking better and better

Back on May 9, I pointed out that Joe Biden’s net favorable rating was 10%. Now, that may not seem high, but when you compare it to Barack Obama’s (+1.1%), Hillary Clinton’s (negative 13.5%) and Donald Trump’s (negative 19.6%), a 10 point net favorable looks pretty damn good. In fact, Joe Biden just keeps looking better and better.

Today, Joe’s net favorable has bumped up to 12.2%.

In fact, I’ve been spotting more and more editorials urging what I have been saying for months — dump Hillary at the Convention and nominate Joe Biden.

I even saw a May 19 editorial at the Huffington Post to that effect. Writer Stu Kreisman had this to say:

Everyone is sick and tired of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Nobody except diehard supporters will be engaged in this campaign. And no candidate I can think of has ever won an election by urging voters to vote defensively against their opponent. That won’t stop the mainstream media from going non-stop in their coverage of this calamity because there is too much money at stake for them. There is no way that Hillary is going to embrace the Bernie supporters, alienating the very people she desperately needs to win. So what to do?
Compromise on both sides. No more Hillary and no more Bernie. For the good of the country, the Democrats must nominate Joe Biden for President. He is the only person that can unite the Democrats, Independents, disgruntled Republicans and defeat Trump. Everybody likes Biden and nobody can argue with his qualifications. (Yes Biden also voted to go to war in Iraq but unlike Hillary he apologized for his vote early on in 2005. Hillary waited until 2014 when she kicked off her current campaign.) With Joe Biden [we] will get the Supreme Court back. Sure a few of the diehard Hillary and Bernie supporters will be angry and not vote, but their numbers will be miniscule compared to the Independents and Progressives that Biden will bring to the party the Democrats so desperately need for victory.

Meanwhile, on May 15, Anthony Sciarrata at the Inquisitr wrote:

Joe Biden is also the candidate best equipped to take up the attitude that has surrounded this election. If there is one thing that will propel Trump all the way to GOP convention, it is his rhetoric. One of the biggest reasons why Trump has so many supporters is because he is viewed as a no-nonsense kind of man. Even in the beginning of the election race, Trump ranked as the best Republican candidate to handle ISIS and the war on terrorism among Republican voters.
Trump has also received praise from one of the most powerful men in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’s safe to say that Trump has a reputation as a “tough guy.” Even though Joe Biden is no Donald Trump, he does have the same kind of non-nonsense attitude.
Joe Biden is the perfect candidate to rival Trump in a general election because he could stand his ground. Biden would have no issue firing back at Trump and hitting him where it hurts without thinking twice about it. A perfect example would be Biden’s vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan.

Yesterday, John Fund hopped on the Dianny Theory himself over at National Review in his column, If Clinton Implodes, Democrats May Turn to Biden and Warren:

If Democratic delegates decide that Hillary is too much of a political liability to nominate, don’t expect them to turn to Bernie Sanders. Despite polls showing him with a bigger lead over Trump than Hillary has, few prominent Democrats believe that Sanders could survive sustained attacks on his record as a self-proclaimed “socialist.”
That’s where Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren would come in. Biden would be sold as a steady hand who would energize President Obama’s supporters, and Warren would be pitched to delegates as someone who could keep Sanders progressives on board. “The implication would be that, at age 74, Biden might serve only one term and Warren would be a natural successor,’ a former Democratic congressman told me.
Senior Clinton adviser Joel Berenson insists that the American people have no interest in what he calls the “gray area” of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail situation. Senator Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.), who is a staunch Hillaryite, told MSNBC that voters will think that she merely made “a mistake trying to protect her privacy.” But that’s not what smart Democrats are privately saying. They know that the inspector general’s report is a preview of coming revelations in the upcoming FBI report, and they are laying the groundwork to implement Plan B if they think it will be necessary.

Meet the Tom Sawyer Ticket

Even with the requisite delegates I really think Hillary is not a lock for the nomination. As I mentioned the other day, the Enslaved Press has clearly dropped their shield of protection that has surrounded the former Miss Rodham for decades. They are openly criticizing her flimsy excuses and double-talk over her use of a private server. They are excoriating her over the IG report.

This wouldn’t happen if the movers and shakers within the Democrat infrastructure were solidly behind Hillary being the nominee.

Clearly cracks are forming and the rising tide of voices for Joe Biden could be evidence that, as Fund put it in his piece, a Plan B is in the works.

I’m no Nostradamus, but this doesn’t surprise me in the least. In fact, back in February, Reuters had a story about how many of the biggest big-money donors for Democrats were sitting on the sidelines unhappy with both Hillary and Bernie and disappointed in Joe Biden not being in the race. At the time, I wrote that there was no way the shrieking harpies of the DNC (most notably Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) would stand for it.

But the worm has turned, has it not?

Debbie Downer is finding herself facing calls for her resignation and the entire DNC structure — including the Enslaved Press — are openly voicing concern over Hillary’s ability to win in November.

I’m telling you, guys. With all that Hillary is experiencing this last week, the Joe Biden theory is looking more and more likely with each passing day.

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