Oprah: the Fidget Spinner of Presidential Politics

Oprah Winfrey

I’ve been watching all this breathless hype about Oprah Winfrey running for president with a great deal of amusement.

The news and entertainment media aren’t about reporting news anymore.

Now, they promote fads — and the problem with media-driven fads is they quickly run out of gas.

One smarmy, saccharine speech — loaded with meaningless bromides about “your truth” — and suddenly Oprah is the next big thing in politics.

Everyone is getting in on the Oprah fad.

And who’s leading the way?

Hollywood celebrities so out of touch with real America that they actually think Oprah’s smarty, saccharine speech is proof that she’ presidential, and the so-called “news” media.

In a sane world, with a news media that does its job, this Oprah-fever would be quickly reported on and then dismissed for the nonsense it is.

But the American news media isn’t sane.

And trust me, I know. Sources with inside knowledge of the news media have told me every news network is populated by people who are stupid, unread and unstable.

Now, the sources may not be accurate, but since it feels right, we can believe it.

The Washington Free Beacon put together this montage of the gushing, silliness over Oprah from our so-called “news media:”

Good grief. I’m embarrassed for them.

Here’s what I think. Before the month is over all that Oprah talk will burn itself out.

For all their claims about a “civil war” in the Republican Party, it is actually the Democrat Party and the Left that are in a bitter power struggle.

Oprah fever will break because socialist-loving, identity politics-embracing weirdos who are driving the Democrat Party off a cliff want nothing to do with a billionaire television host.

In fact, the Liberal rag Slate is already throwing cold water on the Oprah fad for that very reason.

No need to click the link. I’ll sum it up:

Trump is bad. We need a super progressive to lead the country into a magical Utopia where we battle Climate Change and give everybody free health care. And Oprah isn’t going to do it.

There. Saved you a click.

It took less than two days for Leftists to realize this fidget spinner of presidential politics is nothing more than a silly fad.

So why, you might ask, are the Enslaved Press still quivering like spastic colons over Oprah?


They’re desperate to create the illusion that Donald Trump is so universally hated that they will hop onto any fad that helps advance that illusion.

My guess is, after President Trump’s State of the Union address, whichever Democrat gives the response will also inspire the same kind of gushing hopefulness.

The 2020 election season is still a ways away. And I guarantee you this same quivering anticipation and excitement we’re seeing over Oprah will be repeated a dozen times over a dozen other people before then.

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2 thoughts on “Oprah: the Fidget Spinner of Presidential Politics

  • January 9, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    When you don’t have the courage to call out your peers for their bad behavior, play the race card. Works every time. The low-IQ crowd might even think it makes you look Presidential.

  • January 10, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Anyone who uses the words “your truth” or “my truth” get an automatic dismissal from me.

    And that is why I dismissed the Orca back in the 90’s.

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