Patricia Arquette tries playing Historian, ends up stepping on a rake

I have to admit it. There’s something adorable about seeing Hollywood actors try to look smart.

It’s like watching a two-year-old put on Daddy’s suit and pretend to be a businessman.

But what makes it especially entertaining for me is when their attempts to look super intelligent result in them looking like complete idiots.

Let me give you the latest example.

Yesterday, actress Patricia Arquette decided to give us all a history lesson.

And it didn’t work out too well for her.

Patricia Arquette tweet

Golly. They don’t make history refreshers like they used to, do they?

Hey, dummy!

This may come as a surprise to you, but Bill Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice and committing perjury.

Now, I’m no historian, so how is it I know this but Patricia Arquette doesn’t?

It’s not like Bill Clinton’s impeachment was two hundred years ago, for Pete’s sake. It was nineteen years ago.

It was the biggest news story of 1998.

Yet this genius Patricia Arquette doesn’t remember what happened?

Now, to be fair. Patricia Arquette was just a wee little girl at the time.

Unlike yours truly who was 35 when Bill Clinton was impeached, Patricia was only thirty.

So I can see how she might have been too busy playing with My Little Pony and watching “Saved by the Bell” to notice.

But then again, even Hillary Clinton couldn’t get history right.

In her commencement speech at Wellesley, Granny claimed that it was Nixon who was impeached for obstruction of justice (he was never impeached).

And you’d think she would remember that it was her own husband that was.

The truth is, Patricia Arquette isn’t interested in a “U.S. history refresher.”

History never matters to Leftists.

All that matters is what they claim history is.

And they know that most of their followers will simply take what they say as the gospel truth.

Just look at that tweet.

Over five hundred history illiterates retweeted that nonsense. And three times that many “liked” her revisionist narrative.

Not that this is a tremendous shock.

History is the least-taught subject in public schools.

But of course it is.

They’re too busy teaching kids to “plan your own jihad” and learn six hundred new “genders” to actually educate them about their own country’s history.

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