’s End of Year Fundraiser!

End of Year Fundraiser

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  I spent the day with my Mom and Dad which is always fun. Every time I hang out with my Mom I am reminded why she is my favorite person in the world.  It was a great time.

Today marks the beginning of’s End of Year Fundraiser.

From now until New Year’s Eve, I will be raising funds to make sure Patriot Retort starts 2019 able to meet its financial obligations.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago when closed down, the awesome guy who hosted my websites passed away unexpectedly in September.  And the new web hosting company has raised the fee for hosting my site.

That makes this end of year fundraiser crucial to ensuring I can pay the 2019 hosting fee without having to resort to selling a kidney.

Now, everyone who makes a donation of any kind will be eligible for the end of fundraiser Raffle of an Ash Gray “Team Deplorable” T-shirt.

You have three options for making a donation:

You can click the DONATE button along the side-bar and make a one-time contribution.

Or, you can click the SUBSCRIBE button and set up a recurring monthly donation if you would like.

Finally, if you don’t like making internet payments, you are welcome to send a check payable to Diann Russell care of:

Diann Russell
PO Box 66
LaFayette, NY 13084

Just one note to those who donate via the DONATE or SUBSCRIBE buttons. The payment recipient will read “Dianny Tees.” I always used the same PayPal account for both Patriot Retort and Dianny Tees. Now that I have closed Dianny Tees down, I will probably change the account name. But I haven’t gotten to it as yet.

Now, everyone who has made a donation to any time during the month of December will be included in the T-shirt Raffle.

And I do want to thank the following folks for their December donations: Marta & Ray, Doug & Rose, Linda K., Lisa & Robert, John Gaultcsa, Kevin M., Richard B., and First Bite Tackle.

I also want to thank those of you who are currently doing a monthly recurring donation via the SUBSCRIBE button: William C., Anne G., Karl S., and Dietrich W.

Finally, a special thank you to SHAZZAM and Mrs. SHAZZAM for the lovely Christmas gift of homegrown spices and oodles of garlic!  The catnip was an especially nice touch. Although, my cat Buffy had an “Annie Hall” moment yesterday when I placed a pinch of it down for her.  She erupted into an atomic sneeze and sent the catnip scattering everywhere.

Any old how.

The End of Year Fundraiser ends at midnight on New Year’s Eve. But to allow time for snail mail donations, the Raffle will not be held until ten days after.

And remember, if you are unable to make a donation during the End of Year Fundraiser, you can still help keep solvent by whitelisting us in your ad-blocker. You have no idea how much that helps.

Thanks everybody!

Hit the tip jar!

Every dollar makes a difference!  Hit the DONATE button in the side bar.  Or, set up a recurring monthly contribution by choosing SUBSCRIBE.

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Not everyone can afford to make a donation.  But you can still help keep this site solvent by white listing in your ad blocker. Ads help pay for this site and ad-blockers hurt that effort.  I made sure that the ads that appear here will not obstruct or interfere with your enjoyment of the content.  So please add to your white list.