Is Paul Nehlen David Duke’s bastard child?

As part of the anti-RINO movement of 2016, Paul Ryan faced a primary challenge for his seat in Wisconsin.

His challenger, Paul Nehlen lost in a landslide.

Whether you like or dislike Paul Ryan, Nehlen makes even the kookiest primary challenger look good.

Sadly, Nehlen didn’t fade into the woodwork. Instead, he’s back for more. Once again, he will challenge Ryan in 2018.

Which pretty much guarantees that Paul Ryan will be reelected.

Apparently Paul Nehlen believes the reason he lost in 2016 was because he didn’t fully embrace the “I’m a whacked-out white-centric, racist anti-Semite” platform.

Over the last week on Twitter, Nehlen has been working overtime to appeal to the anti-#WhiteGenocide crowd with Adolf Hitler in their header photos and timelines choked with cartoons of hook-nosed Jews.

Because nothing says “I’m a serious candidate for Congress” quite like embracing the “Jews rule the world” messaging of the whacked-out Left.

Before Christmas, Nehlen tweeted out this confusing image:

Now, I only have a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. So maybe the part about Jesus dying on a cross because it’s okay to be white was something I missed in the Gospels.

Or, maybe it’s just that Paul Nehlen is a prick.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being white.

But to promote the “It’s okay to be white” hashtag using a crucifixion image is in poor taste – to say the least.

Sadly, Nehlen didn’t stop there.

He’s been carrying on like David Duke’s bastard child for days now.

In fact, Nehlen is so over-the-top, he seems less like a real candidate and more like a caricature Trump supporter created by the writers of “Major Crimes” or “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

And when Trump-supporting, America-First conservatives on Twitter called him out, Nehlen doubled down on his “Jews Rule the World” rhetoric.

Though, John Cardillo had an interesting theory.

That actually makes sense.

Remember when a few people would turn up at Tea Party rallies with racist or anti-Semitic signs? And it turned out they were plants?

Since I think it’s impossible for anyone to be a serious candidate while simultaneously being this cartoonishly anti-Semitic, I think Cardillo might be on to something.

Leftists are never subtle.

Either way, I doubt Nehlen really expects to win against Paul Ryan.

If I had to guess, I’d say he’s posting crap like this in hopes to provoke his own suspension from Twitter.

That way, he can portray himself as a victim of Twitter censorship while claiming to be a warrior for Free Speech.

In other words, pandering to the white nationalist/anti-Semite contingent on Twitter is nothing but preening self-promotion.

Whatever the case, I think Paul Ryan’s seat is safe.

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  • December 27, 2017 at 10:41 am

    I think Cardillo has the beat of it.

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