Play-Acting in a Hurricane

hurricane play-acting

I’m sure you’ve seen by now the footage from the Weather Channel of a reporter pretending to be battered severely during Hurricane Florence.

If you’ve managed to get to today without seeing it, here you go.

This is tremendously shameful but simultaneously hilarious.

It isn’t just the guys in the background ambling casually along behind him either.

Watch it again. And see how this brave, courageous journalist fights against a battering wind that is bearing down from the left.

Yet, as you can see from the direction of the grasses near the sign, the wind is actually blowing from the right.

I mean if you’re going to fake it, dude. At least fake it in the right direction.

Now, the Weather Channel released a statement claiming that the reason those ambling guys had it so easy in this apocalyptic hurricane is because they were walking on pavement while Mr. Community Theater there was standing on a patch of grass.

I’d be exhausted too if I had to act like a mime walking into the wind.

And why in Lucifer’s reach would standing in a patch of grass make him pretend the wind was coming from the wrong direction?

This is the Weather Channel. Its one and only purpose is to report on weather.

But instead, they decided to stage an End of Days drama.

Who produced that segment – Cecile B. DeMille?

Nobody in the midst of Hurricane Florence is watching this idiotic performance. They aren’t tuning into the Weather Channel for hurricane updates because they have no power.

So this was staged for the entertainment of people who are nowhere near the storm.

And they succeeded in entertaining us, didn’t they? Though, admittedly, not in the way they had intended.

I keep saying: All they have to do is not be Fake News, and they are simply incapable of doing it.

And yesterday was a banner day for Fake News, wasn’t it?

In one day, both the New York Times and the Weather Channel got caught red-handed blowing wind up our skirts.

And this tells me all I need to know.

The news media are completely unserious about legitimate news – even to the point of getting caught play-acting on live television.

If the Weather Channel really wants to regain a modicum of respect, they should have just come clean and vowed not to do it again.

Instead they doubled down by making excuses so flimsy even a light breeze would knock them over.

Journalism isn’t just dead, folks.

It got completely obliterated by a Category 5 Hurricane of Fake News.

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5 thoughts on “Play-Acting in a Hurricane

  • September 15, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    I bet he even flipped that barricade to make the scene look worse that in was.

  • September 15, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    Quote “I mean if you’re going to fake it, dude. At least fake it in the right direction.”

    Wow!! I guess an IQ of 147 doesn’t always equate to knowing what one is talking about.

    Is the reporter exaggerating his posture in the wind compared to the individuals behind him ?

    It’s hard to argue that visual.

    Is he doing it in the wrong direction? NO!!!

    The wind is coming from his left side which is why he is planting his front (right) leg to stop himself from getting blown to his right.

    If he leaned the other way the wind and rain would be in his face making it somewhat harder to do his report but he would still plant his right leg for support.

    And here I thought Liberals were the only people who misinterpret what they see or hear.

    In your case the only thing that matters is sarcasm and being snarky.

    • September 15, 2018 at 9:25 pm

      What the… Why is your ass burning over this post? Are you the weather channel’s segment producer? Calm down and enjoy the video, or keep your scorched, bitchy ass outside.

  • September 15, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    The agenda of Weather Channel is Global Warming so they have to fake it to keep up the narrative.

  • September 15, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    The America hating Press has been making fake news for DECADES! Before there was Jim O’Keefe there was Michelle Malkin. ~30 years ago she did at least 2 (maybe more, I was still working then and only spend an hr. or 2 on CIS) undercover real journalist exposes on NBC and ABC. One showing them faking fires on car crashes (I think Olds, not sure) the other on beef. In both cases the “news” was in fact fabricated to show us how bad America was and what a xenophobic President Ron was!

    I saw with my own eyes the WaPo writing America hating lies as “news” 70 years ago!

    These things are not accidental; nor are they unrelated! The Press has run an organized attack on Americans for many decades. Their war on America is ongoing!

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