Someone please shut Mitt Romney up

Is there anyone out there who can shut Mitt Romney up?


If I wasn’t so poor, I’d pay you to do it. I have a 1966 Beatles Rubber Soul song book that is worth some money. How about it? Any Beatles fans out there willing to shut Mitt Romney up? I’ll even supply the duct tape.

shut mitt romney up

This morning, I was tootling around the Internet and saw this headline over at The New Americana: “Romney: Sasse-Kasich 2016.”

Sweet merciful Zeus.

The link sends you to a write-up at The Blaze:

Conservative thinkers like Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, radio show host Erick Erickson and Republican strategist Rick Wilson who are adamantly against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump are hoping to find a third party alternative.
Believing they have only a few weeks to find a candidate, they are turning to Romney to recruit the right candidate, according Washington Post report published Saturday.
Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has made personal overtures to both Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), who suspended his presidential campaign earlier this month, and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse (R), one of Trump’s most outspoken critics.

Now, I realize that the Never Trump people are quivering like a spastic colon over Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s staunch opposition to Donald Trump. As far as I can noodle out, that’s the only thing Ben Sasse has going for him. But come on, you guys.

This is as ridiculous as the pro-Trump people rallying behind the guy who is challenging Paul Ryan for no other reason than Paul Ryan pissed them off by not falling in lock-step behind the Donald and this challenger, unlike Ryan, has endorsed Donald Trump.

These aren’t reasonable, well-thought-out strategies. Both are nothing more than “Well oh yeah?!!!!!” politics. Do we really want to be seen as petty and vindictive as Sarah Palin?!

Why, why would Romney think floating a name like John Kasich would rally the conservative base to a quixotic third party campaign?

And why in Lucifer’s reach would any conservative who opposes Donald Trump be looking to Mitt Friggin Romney in the first place?!

“We need a staunch, solid Constitutional Conservative to run! I know! Let’s ask the Moderate Milquetoast 2012 loser to find one!”

We’re supposed to take these guys seriously when they enlist a guy like Mitt Romney?

I mean, come on! Mitt Romney?! This isn’t a grassroots movement looking to get a solid Constitutional Conservative candidate. To me, Romney’s involvement makes this third party pipe dream look like the last gasp of the squishy GOP insiders trying to hold on to power.

If these Third Party people really believed it was doable to launch an alternative, conservative candidate to run against Trump and Hillary, they would be looking for a freaking Constitutional Conservative to help them find the right candidate. They wouldn’t be cozying up to Mitt Romney, for Pete’s sake. Nor would they be making overtures to John Kasich.

It sucks that once again the GOP turned its back on the conservative grassroots in the party. You don’t think it infuriates me that the only choices we have in November are a Liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton?! And if the Libertarians run the Open Borders Gary Johnson, we can’t even in good conscience vote Libertarian.

But if the solution is to turn to Mitt Romney to save the day, this quest for a Third Party candidate is not only a quixotic mission, it would be a suicide mission. And not just for whatever Republican squish they rook into running. It would be a Kamikaze mission for the country as well.

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5 thoughts on “Someone please shut Mitt Romney up

  • May 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Third party is probably a suicide mission no matter who runs. Conservatives, like myself, thought it was possible to transform the Republican party from the inside. Right now, it’s looking a lot like Noah’s Ark: If it wasn’t for the storm outside, you’d never put up with the stench inside.
    But I’m thinking of taking swimming lessons…

  • May 15, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Romney……2 time loser. Who cares?

  • May 16, 2016 at 5:37 am

    Poor analogy with Nehlan. Ryan is a terrible Speaker. His very first act as Speaker was the “baked in the cake” BS after telling everyone how things were going to change.

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