Poland is Trump Country


President Trump just finished his address in Krasinski Square in Warsaw Poland.

Have you seen the photos of the crowds?

There’s no doubt about it. Poland is Trump Country.

But of course it is.

Poland is one of the few nations of Europe that secures its borders and refuses to participate in the EU’s suicide by emigration.

In fact, I’d venture the people of Poland have more of an understanding of what it is President Trump hopes to accomplish than any Democrat in the US.

And that was evident just a short time ago when President Trump addressed the Polish people in Warsaw.

As I played the livestream of his speech, I went over to Twitter and found some terrific posts.

Check this out. Among the crowds of Poles you could see the trademark red Make America Great Again hats.

And just like at a Trump rally here in the states, the crowd exploded into chants of “USA! USA!”

The West is in a fight for its own survival.

And what is terrifically sad, is so many Western nations act as if they aren’t.

But not the US. And not Poland.

We know what is at stake. And we know the threats that face us.

Here are some snippets of President Trump’s speech – courtesy of Fox News.

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2 thoughts on “Poland is Trump Country

  • July 6, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Makes you so proud, doesn’t it? And to have a First Lady who is, in fact, a LADY, makes me smile even more.

    And yet, back here in the States, we have moronic Democrat congress critters who are signing on to have DJT’s medical and mental issues looked into. I am so sick of these assholes. Just so sick.

  • July 6, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Thanks for coming around to support President Trump

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