The politics of good intentions: It’s as if they never really meant it

The other day, the Daily Caller reported that despite promising to purchase carbon credits to offset plane travel during the campaign, Hillary Clinton has yet to follow through.

I am mustering up all of my energy to be shocked by this, and it just isn’t happening.

My guess is, she never really meant it.

Liberals never follow through on their heartfelt declarations.

That’s the beauty of being a Liberal Democrat.

Making a pledge is easy because all that matters are your intentions.

Following through on the pledge is irrelevant.

Liberals know the pledge alone will get them oodles of favorable press.

And because the news media is by and large in their pockets, Liberals know nobody is going to follow up to see if they really meant it.

This is the politics of good intentions.

They promised Obamacare would lower premiums.

It didn’t, but that’s not what matters.

All that matters were the good intentions of wanting to lower premiums.

Take for example Barack Obama’s vow to buy a Chevy Volt after he left the White House.

Remember that?

Back in 2012 when Chevrolet debuted the electric car, President Obama got oodles of press for showing up at the factory and “driving” one.

Here’s how the story got reported at the time (hat tip The Hill):

Obama himself said of the Volt’s future and his post-presidency, which he made clear Tuesday he does not see beginning in 2013, “I’ll buy one and drive it myself.”

Anybody notice a Chevy Volt in the driveway of the Obama’s multi-million-dollar mansion?

It’s as if he never really meant it.

good intentions

Ironically enough, this electric car — that Obama praised as proof positive that GM was roaring back thanks to a taxpayer bailout — is now on the chopping block due to lack of sales.

But of course outcomes never matter to Liberals. All that matters are their good intentions.

The big, splashy headlines of their making a promise is all they want.

And by the time they never follow through, nobody is paying attention anymore.

Take Linda Sarsour.

Linda got splashy headlines for raising one hundred thousand dollars to help repair vandalized Jewish cemeteries.

Guess what?

She never really meant it.

Sure, she raised money.

But not one Jewish cemetery saw a penny of it.

Linda needed to create the illusion that she wasn’t a Jew-hater. So she made a public display of raising the money.

And it worked.

She got the favorable headlines.

She got the “See? She’s not an anti-Semite” stories.

And then she was done.

This is Standard Operating Procedure for Liberals.

All that matters are their good intentions.

Follow-through? Meh. Not so much.

Hillary Clinton got raked over the coals for making a Climate Change speech moments before boarding a private jet.

And to take the heat off herself, she pledged to buy carbon credits as an offset.

It got her out of a bind, helped repair her image, and got lots of news coverage.

But follow through was never the intention.

Hillary won’t buy carbon credits unless she once again gets shamed into it. And what mainstream news media outlet will do that?

Obama will never buy a Volt.

Obamacare will never make healthcare “affordable.”

Lena Dunham will never move to Canada.

And Linda Sarsour will never pay out any money to Jewish cemeteries.

Because the ugly truth is, they never really meant any of it.

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2 thoughts on “The politics of good intentions: It’s as if they never really meant it

  • July 24, 2017 at 7:21 am

    Try to pin them down on it and most of them will retort that you are not being serious. I remember some years ago Sean Hannity interviewing RFK Jr about global warming. Ole Jr telling him and the radio audience on how we as a society need to buckle down, less driving, less vacations, less traveling, get rid of the SUV’s, less this less that. When Hannity asked him if he truly believes everything he is saying, then why was his family opposing offshore wind farms off Nantucket or Cape Cod and why was he still traveling in gas guzzing limos and private jets, Jr’s response? – “If you are not going to be serious, then this is end of the interview” Well maybe not the exact words, but pretty close. Hannity said he was being serious, how can you tell somebody to not do something, but you won’t do it yourself. Jr wouldn’t answer and stuck to his water pistols about how Hannity was refusing to take the interview seriously.

    Not the only time I have heard that liberal line of defense, but I remember this interview showing how ridiculous RFK Jr was. Kind of how Don SourLemon treats a guest who says something that does not tow the CNN rhetoric of the day.

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