Poor babies

Oh, the poor, poor Enslaved Press.

Life is just so stinkin’ unfair.

First Steve Bannon “insults” them by calling them the opposition party.

And then President Trump doesn’t call on them in the Netanyahu joint presser!

See how vigorously I do not care.

These guys have aggressively sought to undermine not only Donald Trump but the people who voted for him.

But they’ve been attacking us for years, haven’t they?

They accused the Tea Party of being racist. They slandered us with the sexually explicit invective “Teabaggers.”

And then during the election, while the DNC paid operatives to incite violence against Trump supporters, these hacks blamed the violence on Trump and his supporters.

They tossed objectivity on the scrap pile and openly advocated for Hillary Clinton while they
published slanderous fake news about Donald Trump and his advisors.

Words like “Racist,” “Nazi,” “White Supremacist,” and “Anti-Semite” are tossed around with wild abandon by these so-called journalists.

And now they the gall to play the victim?

Give me a break.

For eight years these sycophants cozied up to Obama and behaved like squealing fangirls at his press conferences.

I watched Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump’s presser live yesterday.

The questions from CBN’s David Brody or Townhall’s Katie Pavlich were not slobbering, gushing love-fest questions at all.

What’s more, their questions were pertinent to the subject at hand – namely US/Israeli relations.

And, after all, isn’t that what the presser was about?

These hacks in the Enslaved Press aren’t upset because Trump didn’t take tough questions.

They’re upset because he didn’t call on them.

They’re upset because the “gotcha” questions they had at the ready went unheard.

Well, boo-hoo.

Poor babies.

My heart bleeds for you.

The other day, the Washington Free Beacon released a video compilation of some of the “hard-hitting” questions these supposed “journalists” posed to Barack Obama.

Knowing what a light touch they used on Obama for eight years makes their crocodile tears all the more crocodiley.

As I pointed out before, when Major Garrett asked Obama a hard question in a July 2015 press conference, these sycophants were furious with Major Garrett for doing so.

CNN’s Gloria Borger was livid with Garrett:

I’ve been a White House reporter, you’ve been a White House reporter… You know what it’s like to stand up and ask the president a question — and you do want to be tough. But there’s a fine line — especially standing in the East Room — a fine line between asking a tough question and maybe crossing that line a little bit, and maybe being disrespectful. So I think that that happened there.

Do you think anyone at CNN cares about that “fine line” today?

Hell no.

They lifted their legs and crapped all over that “fine line” when it comes to Donald Trump.

This coordinated, all-out effort on the part of the Enslaved Press to destroy President Trump has undermined their own credibility.

They’ve treated him, his Administration and his voters with utter disdain. It is the Enslaved Press that has been the aggressor here.

Now they want to play the victim?

Yeah. No sale.

I am low on sympathy.

Their howling and kvetching over the presence of news outlets that are not ideologically in lock-step with them has nothing to do with defending “freedom of the press.”

This is all about these hacks wanting to maintain control of the narrative.

They are the ones who declared war on President Trump.

And now they’re furious because he’s just better at waging this war than they are.

Despite all their slander and innuendo, these morons demand that Mr. Trump show them respect.

Well, don’t worry guys. President Trump is showing you the same level of respect you have shown him.

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  • February 16, 2017 at 9:41 am

    This critique should be posted on every blog, every newspaper and every televisions station in the nation. You have hit it out of the park with this one.

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