Some post-Electoral College musings

Electoral College musings, or some post-hospitalization musings. Take your pick.

Hello from my home office once again. Thank God.

I got home last night and my dog acted as if I had been away from her for a year. Meanwhile, my cats angrily ignored me.

True to my word, I showered the memory of the last two days off of me, came downstairs, popped in a Harry Potter movie and carefully positioned myself on the couch to watch/snooze.

When my cat Willow decided I had had enough ignoring, she planted herself on my belly and didn’t move. I was half-afraid I was going to need to go back to the hospital to have her surgically removed just so I could go to bed.

But I did the next best thing. I called the pitbull up on the couch for a few minutes of one-on-one time. Nothing gets Willow off my lap faster than a pitbull leaping onto the couch.

I’m grateful to say that I slept like a rock. And I’m ready to start the day – abbreviated though it may be.

The best part of leaving the hospital yesterday evening was leaving knowing that it is finally official. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

There were a few things about yesterday’s Electoral College vote I wanted to touch on this morning.

First of all, when I saw at the New York Post that Bill Clinton was one of the Electors for New York State, I thought, “It’s the Election Night Fireworks all over again.”

You know I’m right.

They made Clinton an elector for one reason and one reason only. The PR.

Television news reporters chasing after him to ask him how it felt to be one of the electors who put his wife in the White House. Those intimate interviews on 60 Minutes between Steve Kroft and President and Mr. Clinton where Bill can shed a “Ron Brownesque” fake tear about how moving it was to cast his vote for his wife. Hillary, sitting beside him, holding his hand as if the thought of it didn’t make her crazy, pretending to get misty-eyed at it too.

These Clintons script everything.

And they plan ahead.

You know I’m right about this.

Having Bill Clinton be an elector for his own wife was supposed to be sweet and moving.

That was the plan anyway.

The one thing Team Clinton didn’t plan for, of course, was her inevitable loss.

It’s why they ordered and planned fireworks for election night.

It’s why Hillary had nothing to say by way of a concession speech the night of the election.

And it’s why instead of the moving picture of her own husband being one of her electors, we were given another heaping helping of Schadenfreude when Bill Clinton emerged from the voting all bitter and angry.

It was planned as a triumphant, exciting, “historical” moment fraught with moving emotion. Instead it was Bill Clinton and the other 28 New York Electors looking bitter and dour as if they were casting the votes for Hillary’s execution.

No wonder he came out angry and bitter.

Then there was the massive defections of Trump’s electors that deprived him of the 270 Electoral votes to….



Along with our little attention-seeking, publicity hungry fabricator of life stories, only one other Trump elector chose not to cast his vote for President-Elect Trump.

Two electors out of 306 chose to bail.

Looks like Martin Sheen hasn’t lost his touch. Am I right?

You’d think by now Hollywood would finally get the freaking hint that we really don’t give a crap what they say.

Back when I finally broke down and wrote about that attention-seeking elector from Texas, I said this:

Speaking of rogue electors, do you remember the stories prior to the election about Hillary electors saying they wouldn’t vote for her? I do.
What ever happened to those guys?
Anybody else wondering why we haven’t heard a peep about the electors who don’t want to cast their votes for the wretched, felonious hag?
I doubt they ceased to exist. It’s just there are no Leftist PR firms willing to shove them into the spotlight because it doesn’t help the Left’s narrative one bit.

And because I do not mind saying I told you so, permit me:

I told you so.

There were 5 defections of Hillary electors. Three voted for Colin Powell – heaven only knows why. One voted for an Indian activist named Faith Spotted Eagle. And one in Hawaii voted for Bernie Sanders.

Two other electors – one in Maine and one in Minnesota – attempted to vote for someone else, but were promptly replaced.

So that makes seven Hillary electors who did not want to vote for the woman.

Five defections amounts to 2.15% of Hillary’s entire Electoral College total.

Doesn’t seem like very many, I’m sure.

But compared to Trump – the one whose electors have been harassed, threatened, browbeaten and hectored for over a month – it is a lot.

Only 0.65% of Trump’s 306 electors jumped ship.

I think that whole narrative about Hillary being the popular winner is kind of coming apart in the spin cycle, don’t you?

Let’s face it. Hillary’s overwhelming landslide win in coastal California is what gave her the over-all popular vote victory. Move east of those enclaves of wealth, entitlement and cloistered living and it’s safe the say the rest of the country isn’t too fond of her.

I strongly believe that Donald Trump could turn out to be one of the greatest modern presidents we’ve ever had. What’s more, I think that many people who didn’t vote for him in 2016 may come to really like him in the next couple years.

He hit the ground running during his transition. In less than two months’ time he has already proven himself to be a doer, not just a talker. And the man isn’t even in office yet.

He doesn’t just fight back at his opponents moronic attacks and complaints. No. He does more than fight back. He proves them wrong every single time.

In the end, it is very likely that the only people unsatisfied with Donald Trump will be the usual suspects. The angry, insufferable, intolerant Leftist dinks whose day is not complete until they’ve taken offense at something.

And really, who wants to win over people like that?

By the way. It’s great to be back!

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  • December 20, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    Welcome back to the land of the living. We missed you. Don’t push yourself too hard!

  • December 20, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    Welcome back and please take care of yourself.

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