Radio Silence

Radio Silence

After a US drone strike took out Quds chief Qassem Smolderimani, the Democrats running for President wasted no time attacking President Trump and accusing him of bringing the US to the brink of war.

Then, Iran launched a missile attack against bases in Iraq and they attacked President Trump and shrieked more.  When Iran admitted they shot down a commercial plane by mistake, these Democrats revved their engines again to blame Iran’s actions on President Trump.

And on Saturday when the Iranian people took the streets by the thousands to protest their tyrannical regime, how did most of these Democrat candidates respond?

With radio silence.

Nothing.  Not one word.

Yesterday, I went to Tehran Pete Buttigieg’s Twitter feed to see what words of support he had for the Persian people who were rising up against the regime.  And there was nothing but radio silence.

I did the same for Elizabeth Warren who, just last week, was very free with her words – accusing President Trump of taking out Smolderimani as a way to distract from impeachment.  The same Elizabeth Warren who on Friday was tweeting about #NoWarWithIran and saying “we must speak out!”

And what words of support did she offer?

Yeah, radio silence.  Not a peep.

The only tweet about Iran from the bellowing, cantankerous old fart Bernie Sanders was yet another “Tell Congress: No War with Iran!” mailing list ploy disguised as a “petition.”  But regarding the massive protests against the regime?  Radio silence.

Cory Booker?  Nada.

Amy Klobuchar issued only this:

Jeeze.  She takes a more forceful position with her staff.

Putative frontrunner Joe Biden finally piped up Sunday afternoon.  But of course, his tweet included the standard “Bad Orange Man” caveat:

Neither Klobuchar or Biden directly say that they stand with and support the Iranian people in their struggle against this regime.

Radio silence seemed to be rampant among the rest of the Democrats as well.

It’s silly to ask “Why the radio silence?”  Because we all know why.

They won’t forcefully, unwaveringly voice support for the people of Iran because there is absolutely no political advantage in doing so.

They only amplify that which they believe would harm the President.

And heaven forbid they offer the same level of encouragement and support President Trump is sending to the people of Iran.  Their crazy base might think they agree with evil Orange Man.

So at best they offer anodyne bromides. At worst, they opt for radio silence.

Iranian American Journalist Yashar Ali had this to say about how best to support the uprisings in Iran and, more to the point, why it is so important:

The fact that all we’re getting is radio silence from a crop of people who want to be President and Commander in Chief, speaks volumes.

For all their endless twaddle about oppression, they have no problems staying quiet as people who yearn to free fight against oppression.

Then again, maybe their campaign teams still haven’t figured out how best to say “I support you, but Orange Man bad.”

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4 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  • January 13, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Then again, maybe they and their campaign teams and the left in general still haven’t figured out what actual oppression looks like.

    They are all so used to howling about imaginary or manufactured oppression they wouldn’t recognize the real thing if it came marching down the middle of the street, accompanied by a brass band, wearing a clown suit and carrying a big sign that said “Hi, I’m real oppression!”

  • January 13, 2020 at 11:32 am

    The message for the Dems is really simple, “Just hold on until we are back in power. We’ll support you when if benefits us politically.”

  • January 13, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    President TRUMP continues to TRIUMPH over their Dreams of a ONE WORLD ODER, erh ORDER!

    He has SLAUGHTERED THIR SACRED CASH COWS in The Ukraine, Romania, Iran, IraQ, and China.

    When they say “He has threatened our interests in these places,” they really mean INVESTMENT INTEREST. The Progressive DemonRats are being exposed along side their EVIL SIBLINGS, the MSM and the Deep State. May their demise be swift and painful.

  • January 13, 2020 at 1:35 pm

    Thank you, G.W . Your remarks were on the mark, and nicely consolidated. BRAVO ZULU.

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