Ransom? What Ransom?

When the story broke that the Obama Administration paid what appears to be a $400 million ransom to gain the release of Americans held captive in Iran, one news outlet was loathe to report it.

Can you guess which news network that would be?

Wednesday morning, as the explosive story was breaking, CNN’s “New Day” spent all of twenty-seven seconds on it.

Twenty-seven seconds.

I guess they were way too busy reporting on Donald Trump’s supposed “implosion.”

Actually, according to the Media Research Center, that’s exactly what happened.

Compared to the twenty-seven seconds CNN’s “New Day” spent talking about the unmarked cargo plan filled with cash, the crack journalists at “New Day” spent two hundred times the amount of airtime on Donald Trump. One hour, 24 minutes and 18 seconds within their three hour show.

I imagine a lot of the folks at CNN were pretty puzzled when yesterday afternoon, Barack Obama was having to defend the Administration’s payment of this “not-a-ransom” ransom.

I can just picture Wolf Blitzer sitting slack-jawed in his anchor chair thinking, “Ransom?! What ransom?! What the hell is Mr. Wonderful talking about?!”

What Ransom

The only reporting CNN has done on this treasonous ransom payment has been in the form of defending Obama and arguing that this is a non-story and it wasn’t a ransom! So shut up!!!

Meanwhile, over at Fox Business Network, Trish Regan interviewed former American captive Saeed Abedini who confirmed that the Americans were stuck on the plane in Tehran waiting for hours to leave.

What was the hold up?

Iran wouldn’t let them go until the plane full of cash arrived.

But it’s not a ransom.


Not at all.

Now, back to CNN’s regularly scheduled attacks on Donald Trump’s imploding campaign!

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2 thoughts on “Ransom? What Ransom?

  • August 5, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    They should kidnap Obama. We’d pay $400 million for them to keep him!

    • August 5, 2016 at 4:35 pm

      AMEN to that, Mike!! If only we could be so lucky! Heck, kidnap the whole bunch of them. See Yaaaa! Good Luck! Bub Bye!

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