A reader suggestion for Jim Acosta’s new show

Yesterday reader Eatus Meus gave another suggestion for Jim Acosta’s new show on CNN.

Of course, I think he made the suggestion just so I would be forced to type out his screen name.

Like when a student tells the substitute his name is Mike Hunt.

You’re just mean, Eatus Meus.

Any old how.

He wrote:

how about: Wailing with Jim “The Rasta” Acosta. I can see the album cover now!

I decided to do it for no other reason that Rasta and Acosta together made me laugh out loud.

But I did make a few editorial changes. Because once I get going on an image, sometimes things strike me as funny, and I just have to run with them.

So here it is.

reader suggestion

I’m still open to other suggestions.

So keep ‘em coming.

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