This is the real reason Leftists are angry over tax reform

Within hours of the Tax Reform bill being sign into law, seven large American corporations announced bonuses, raises and employee investments into their companies.

Is this what dying looks like?

Because, honestly, if it is, we’ve all died and gone to heaven.

But as soon as all this winning hit the news, Leftists were quick to poo-poo it as nothing to get excited about.

On a side note: Why in the name of sweet fancy Moses would we do what Kurt Eichenwald does? After all, he was the imbecile who sold off his stock after the 2016 election and encouraged everybody else to follow his lead. Why? Because according to Kurt, the stock market was going to crash because of Trump.

So, sure, Joy. Let’s all follow Kurt Eichenwald’s lead.

Honestly, do these idiots ever tire of being wrong?

They’ve been shrieking for weeks that cutting taxes on corporations will not lead to increased pay or higher employment.

And when they’re proven wrong, they have to find some other reason to bitch.

First they complained because big corporations aren’t paying their employees more.

Then, when big corporations pay their employees more, they complain because big corporations will be benefiting too much from this tax reform.

The truth is the reason these guys are always wrong is because their arguments are smokescreens.

Trust me, they know that leaving more money in the free market instead of dumping into the Federal bureaucracy will result in stimulating the economy. They know these tax cuts will get the economy roaring.

They know that a rising tide lifts all boats.

And make no mistake about it. That is precisely why they oppose tax reform.

You see, for the Great Socialist Awakening to happen, it is necessary to hobble the US economy.

And for eight years, Barack Obama did just that – through Obamacare, high corporate taxes and of course crippling regulations.

Obama had the free market on the ropes. And a Hillary Clinton win would have brought the whole thing tumbling down.

But Hillary didn’t win.

And in his first year in office President Trump has done more to restart the free market than any other president in history.

How? By getting the Federal Government out of the way and permitting businesses and corporations to keep more of their money.

This tax reform, along with the President’s removal of onerous regulations, unleash the free market.

As a result, jobs are being created, investments are booming, the housing market is on the rise, and wealth is being created.

And for people like Joy Reid, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders this economic growth is bad news. They’re watching their glorious Socialist Revolution die on the vine.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to convince Americans that they need socialism when they’re benefiting from so much economic freedom and prosperity.

Socialism is fueled by economic despair and class envy.

Which explains Joy Reid’s above tweets, doesn’t it?

The “economic despair” part is off the table. So now all that remains is class envy.

“Sure, you’re seeing economic growth and your paychecks will be bigger. But those rich bastards are still richer than you!”

Take, for example, this shameless tweet for the always imbecilic Ted Lieu:

This is the one benefit Ted Lieu brings to the national debate. He’s so incredibly stupid that he doesn’t try to hide the Democrat Party’s objective.

But what else can they do? With tax reform, the Left lost the “economic despair” ingredient so necessary for their Socialist Awakening.

Class envy is all that have left.

But it won’t work.

Because the hundreds of thousands of Americans who just discovered they’re getting a huge Christmas bonus will be too busy enjoying it to count other people’s money.

As I’ve said before, Trump’s victory is constantly exposing the Left for what they truly are. Their blind hatred of him has made them careless. And when you couple that with his ringing success in bringing economic confidence back, the Left has no choice but to put aside pretense and expose their true face.

Trust me. They never wanted to do that.

But what choice did Trump leave them?

And because the Left always pushes too hard and too far, their naked embrace of socialism in the face of a Free Market Economic Renaissance will expose them as the fringe, extremist party that they’ve always been.

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3 thoughts on “This is the real reason Leftists are angry over tax reform

  • December 21, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Basic economics is hard so they just resort to class envy and stupid as a poor substitution.

    • December 21, 2017 at 10:35 am

      Apparently Ted (and Sally) cut class the days that percentages and ratio and proportion were taught.

  • December 21, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Democrats are trying to belittle the amount of tax cuts to the middle class as “insignificant”. Someone dug up a quote from Barack Obama around 2012, telling us just how much $40/wk means to working people, when a Democrat is responsible for it.

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