The relativism of Barack Obama

When Barack Obama traveled to Argentina after his “historic” visit to Cuba, he told an audience of young people that when it comes to capitalism versus socialism or communism, you have to try what works for you. This horrifying bit of moral relativism got lost amidst the video of his embarrassing tango.

For Barack Obama, communism, socialism, freedom — these are all just intellectual arguments. Communism isn’t the enemy of Liberty. It just might be the better choice. Don’t get bogged down in those old fashioned hang-ups; just try what works.

Obama went to Cuba in order to officially declare that communism is not our enemy. It’s just another way of governing. And if it works for you, great!

For nearly a century, we have held to the principle that tyranny is the enemy of freedom. But for Obama, tyranny is just another form of governance — no better or worse than democracy or republicanism — and we really need to get over it.

This kind of moral relativism is a denial of reality. But Barack Obama does not live in reality. No Leftist does.

So he normalized relations with communist Cuba despite the fact that the people there will continue to live under tyranny. Because who are we to say what is better? That’s just arrogant, dismissive and derisive.

And now, Obama has opened up trade with Communist Vietnam. And not just any trade, but arms trade.

Let’s take a gander at one of the 45 Goals of Communism:
4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

And this one:
6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

By lifting the ban on arms trade with Vietnam, Obama is letting the world know that we are surrendering the fight against Evil, because there is no Good and Evil. Communism is just like any other kind of government. Nobody is better. Nobody is worse. We can live in peace and harmony with people who despise freedom and liberty. We can “co-exist.”

This is why Barack Obama detests the concept of “American Exceptionalism.” He sees it as the height of arrogance to believe that Freedom and Liberty are superior. So what if the Castros rule with an iron fist? So what if Communist North Korea is a cesspool of oppression? Who are we to judge?

By downsizing Communism from an enemy of Liberty to nothing more than just another way to govern a nation, Barack Obama is giving moral equivalence to the polar opposite of Freedom.

This has been the goal of the Institutional Left for generations.

They have long wanted to remove the “stigma” of communism.

Hey, it isn’t so bad. It just may work for you. It’s no different than what we do here in America. We can all live in harmony and peace.

When speaking from Hanoi, Red Barack said, ” I especially want to thank all those who served both our countries decades ago and then took on one last mission — and that was the mission to help our nations reconcile. For you, that conflict was a bitter memory. But today, Vietnam and America show the world that hearts can change and peace is possible.”

Change and peace, not by destroying tyranny so that Freedom reigns, but agreeing to live and let live. Sure, the people will not be free, but who are we to say they should be free?

Tyranny isn’t the enemy of Freedom any longer. Tyranny is just another form of government in our diverse world. And we must celebrate diversity.

It’s why the Institutional Left despised Ronald Reagan. Reagan knew that Tyranny is and will always be the enemy of Freedom. Reagan knew that America’s role in the world was to advance Liberty over Tyranny.

We cannot coexist with Tyranny any more than light can coexist with darkness.

Barack Obama believes that the dark night of Tyranny can live in “peace, dignity and justice” alongside the bright light of Freedom because he sees nothing wrong with Tyranny. Hey, whatever works, right?

This is the Institutional Left. There is no good and evil, no right and wrong. And while they slowly chip away at our moral underpinnings here at home, Barack Obama and his merry band of moral relativists destroy the notion of good and evil around the world.

It’s why he can negotiated a “deal” with the fascists in Iran. It’s why he sees nothing wrong with the Islamic caliphate. It’s why he “normalizes” relations with Cuba and now Vietnam.

For Obama, good and evil, right and wrong are passé — the ignorant and sheltered notions of a bygone era. We have progressed, you see. We have grown beyond the ideas of Freedom versus Tyranny, Good versus Evil. Morality versus Immorality.

These are backward, ignorant ideas that must fall by the wayside.

This is the Institutional Left. This has been their goal.

Even in this insipid quote, you can see Barack Obama’s relativism. He lauds both the North Vietnamese and American soldiers equally. There were no good guys and bad guys because there was no right and wrong. And American soldiers who died in Vietnam died for nothing more than a misguided and ignorant belief that Tyranny is the enemy of Freedom.

When you no longer believe that Freedom is worth fighting for, you not only surrender the fight outside of our borders, but you also surrender the Freedom Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries.

And he has, hasn’t he? In both large and small ways. From Obamacare to the Social Engineering of the suburbs. From dictates on who can use the bathrooms of your local schools to what your children may eat in the cafeteria. Barack Obama’s moral relativism has dismissed the exceptionalism found in Individual Liberty both at home and abroad. After all, if Tyranny works in Cuba, maybe it’ll work here too.

We are no longer the Shining City on a Hill. Barack Obama has snuffed out the bright light of Liberty in favor of the murky gray of moral relativism. And in so doing, he has destroyed the very foundation on which this nation was established and left the world awash in a sea of uncertainty and fear.

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One thought on “The relativism of Barack Obama

  • May 23, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    And just think too, we have a sitting president who has purposely aided Iran towards achieving eventual nuclear weapons proliferation in the Middle East to do just that.
    Never mind eitherI guess they also happen to be sworn enemies of the United States with the blood of American soldiers on their hands.
    Brazen & deliberate high treason is what this would be called if we lived in a sane rational nation.
    That & if this sitting president were white.

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