Remember when the UK attacked Trump’s travel ban?

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Image from @Lauren_Southern

Correct me if I’m wrong. But I seem to recall the UK wasn’t too happy when President Trump issued a travel ban for anyone from terrorist countries.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was in high dudgeon over it – even to the point of demanding that the UK not permit President Trump to visit.

In fact, Fit-of-Pique Sadiq referred to the temporary travel ban as “cruel” and “shameful.”

Khan went on to proclaim that Trump’s temporary travel ban “flies in the face of the values” the US was built on.

And if anybody would know what “values” our nation was built on, it would be a Brit. Am I right?

But Sadiq wasn’t alone.

Prime Minister Theresa May called the initial January 2017 Travel Ban, “divisive, unhelpful and wrong.”

But apparently, what’s good for a former colony, isn’t good for the Crown.

You see, this past weekend, the UK barred American independent journalist Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend activist Martin Sellner from entering the country.

Pettibone’s crime? Intending to interview Tommy Robinson.

Then Canadian journalist Lauren Southern attempted to enter Britain from Calais this morning and was detained.

Southern’s crime? Apparently suspicion of terrorism.

Of course, ISIS fighters who return from Syria are welcomed back to the UK no questions asked. Hell, they even toss in government-funded housing for them.

But a Canadian journalist is barred from entering under suspicion of terrorism.

It’s all kind of funny to me.

Okay, not “ha-ha” funny.

Let’s say, ironic instead of funny.

Now, unlike Sadiq Khan or Theresa May, I believe that a sovereign nation should be permitted to bar any non-citizen from entering. Period. Full stop.

That’s exactly why I supported President Trump’s travel ban.

And if this weekend is any indication, the UK pols like May or Khan have no problem with their sovereign nation barring anyone from entering.

So why did they attack President Trump’s travel ban?

That has just the slightest whiff of a double standard, don’t you think?

Now, see, I’m not going to say, “How dare you prevent Brittany Pettibone or Lauren Southern from entering!”

The United Kingdom is a sovereign nation.

(Well, almost a sovereign nation. It will be if it ever actually follows through with Brexit.)

So they should be permitted to bar anyone from entering.

Do I agree with the decision to bar Pettibone or Southern from entering the UK?

No. I think it’s capricious and without merit.

But, then again, it’s hardly surprising.

Remember, we fought a revolution to free ourselves from the British. And our strong position on freedom of speech was a direct response to life under British rule.

And not much has changed in the intervening two hundred and fifty years.

The Brits still aren’t fans of free speech.

But whether I agree with this or not isn’t my point.

My point is this.

Don’t go bitching to us about the United States wanting to secure its borders and decide who may enter. Not when you guys do the exact same thing.

In short, Sadiq, Theresa, Jeremy and the rest of you prats: go pound sand.

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2 thoughts on “Remember when the UK attacked Trump’s travel ban?

  • March 12, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    The leaders in GB need to be lynched and set on fire. Traitors, not just traitors, but subversives. Get rid of that mayor while you’re at it.

  • March 12, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Just looking at a picture of these two heartless terrorists turns my legs to water. The poor Brits had to confront them in person! I bet these brave “police officers” got their knickers properly wet.

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