Republicans need to stop being Gentlemen Losers

Ugh. For pity’s sake.

Devin Nunes has given in to the Left and recused himself from the investigation into Russia and the spying on Trump’s team.

The news just broke a short while ago. And it deserves a Homer Facepalm.

Gentleman Losers

Honestly, this is exactly why I am not a registered Republican.

For some reason, Republicans would rather remain proud Gentlemen Losers than learn to fight back against the unprincipled, underhanded Left.

What is wrong with these people?

The Left set out to assassinate Nunes’ character for one reason and one reason only.

They want to cast doubt on the investigation into the Obama Administration’s interference with our free and democratic election.

And Nunes, rather than stand up to them, folds like a cheap suit.

Just like every other Gentleman Loser in the Republican Party.

We have had our fill of nice guys who, when they find themselves in a street brawl, insist on playing by Marquess of Queensberry rules.

Did they learn nothing from the nomination and election of Donald J. Trump?

The Left does not fight honorably.

They use underhanded tactics, smear campaigns and character assassinations.

Isn’t that exactly what the Susan Rice Scandal shows?

We cannot lose to these people.

But if we keep caving like this, we will.

Nunes released a statement today in which he said this [hat tip the Daily Caller]:

“Several leftwing activist groups have filed accusations against me with the Office of Congressional Ethics,” Nunes said. “The charges are entirely false and politically motivated, and are being leveled just as the American people are beginning to learn the truth about the improper unmasking of the identities of U.S. citizens and other abuses of power.”

Now, someone who knows how the Left operates would stand up to them and refuse to be cowed.

But Nunes is a Gentleman Loser.

So instead:

“Despite the baselessness of the charges, I believe it is in the best interests of the House Intelligence Committee and the Congress for me to have Representative Mike Conaway, with assistance from Representatives Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney, temporarily take charge of the Committee’s Russia investigation while the House Ethics Committee looks into this matter. I will continue to fulfill all my other responsibilities as Committee Chairman, and I am requesting to speak to the Ethics Committee at the earliest possible opportunity in order to expedite the dismissal of these false claims.”

It is taking all of my energy not to bang my head on my desk.

Does Nunes not realize the victory he has handed to the Left?

Is he not aware that the Enslaved Press has been desperately searching for something, anything to distract from the Susan Rice Scandal?

And Devin, the Gentleman Loser, just handed it to them on a silver platter.

The Republican Party got the moniker “The Stupid Party” for a reason.

And here it is as plain as the nose on your face.

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5 thoughts on “Republicans need to stop being Gentlemen Losers

  • April 6, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Somebody needs to remind the democrats they’re the MINORITY party.They keep pissing all over the republicans and get away with it.

    • April 6, 2017 at 11:38 pm

      But that’s just it. They keep pissing on the Republicans and the Dumbass Republicans keep caving. I’m so infuriated with this I’m changing my affiliation from Republican to Independent. And I should write a letter to the RNC and tell them why.

      • April 8, 2017 at 12:07 am

        Remember Charlie Rangel, ethics violations out the wazoo…tax violations (and he chaired the committee that wrote tax law), and he held on to that position until a few weeks before they censured him.
        Ethics violations are a badge of honor for Democrats, and actual crimes are resume enhancers.

  • April 6, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    trump needs to go back into campaign mode.

    rubio and mccain want to continually criticize him. guess what. that’s unprecedented to have your own party pulling this crap.

    so trump should resume calling rubio little marco and let songbird have it every chance he gets.

    trump should be unprecedented here too.

    let em have it, but good.

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