Return of the Scold

Return of the Scold

The other day, I mentioned Daniel Greenfield’s excellent column about Senator Elizabeth Warren where he cites her biggest flaw – namely that she is a scold.

In my post about Greenfield’s column, I wrote:

And they truly do believe that it is their responsibility and their right to tell you what you can and cannot do or say, where you can live, how much of your own money they’ll permit you to keep, how your children are raised and educated, and how you should run your own business.

This is Elizabeth Warren in a nutshell.

She’s a scold – a tiresome, imperious Hall Monitor who expects you to surrender your freedom to her “better judgment.”

Well, apparently the effects of that beer wore off because the Scold has returned to form this week.

In what can only be described as Warren’s effort to prove me right, she has decided that her mission in the Senate is to punish the wealthy for having more money than you.

Because the Scold always knows — not just how much of your own money you should be allowed to keep — but how better to spend it.

After announcing a confiscatory Wealth Tax, Liz decided to give us all an example of how the wealthy’s wealth can be better used for the good of those who made some seriously bad financial decisions in life.

See?  She is, by nature, a Scold.

I read that tweet and, I’ll be honest, it kind of infuriated me.  All my good work trying to avoid cursing flew right out of the window.

Forgive me.  Scolds tend to make me lose my cool.

If only I had the level-headed, reasonable response of Jesse Kelly.

And that’s it in a nutshell.

You are not allowed to enjoy your own financial success.

It’s unseemly for you to have a yacht when so many others can’t afford one.

Besides, there are people who voluntarily went into crippling debt to get a degree in Gender Studies or Pan-African, Intersectional Drumming who are now barely able to get by with what they earn at Starbucks.


Put aside the fact that this Scold masquerading as a member of the world’s most deliberative body is, herself, in the cursed one percent.

Life is full of choices and consequences.

And it is not Elizabeth Warren’s job to absolve the bad choices of some at the expense of those who made better choices.

Nobody elected Elizabeth Warren “Chief Scold.”

But she gets away with it because, as Jesse points out, she preys on the basest of human emotions: Envy.

We already had one President who exploited the jealousies and resentments of some Americans in order to punish other Americans.

And we sure as hell don’t need another.

But, as Greenfield pointed out in that excellent column, unlike Barack Obama, Liz is a deeply unlikeable woman. Worse, she is unable to mask her own deep dislike of us. So I highly doubt she will get anywhere near the Oval Office.

The problem is, although Liz might be the Scold Queen, in the Democrat Party she is hardly alone.

From Nancy Pelosi to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Kamala Harris — they all believe it is their right to dictate to us how much of our money they’ll permit us to keep.

And all of them exploit the weakness of Envy to rally people to their cause.

It’s disgusting — and frankly downright divisive.

But what’s truly frightening to me is how many Americans lap it up like big, dumb dogs.

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One thought on “Return of the Scold

  • January 27, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    I just realized that was Warren as the evil queen.
    Excellent placement.
    Kamala will dance and boogie her way into liberals’ hearts, though.
    Maybe Lizzie can drink more beers and do a war dance?

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