Romney wants to stop them all

This morning while doing the laundry, I was listening to Mark Levin’s show from last night and a caller from Michigan phoned in and told Mark that not only is Mitt Romney doing Robo-calls for Rubio, in Michigan, he did them for John Kasich as well.

You see what he’s doing, don’t you? He isn’t trying to stop Trump. Romney wants to stop them all. He doesn’t want any of the four remaining candidates to garner the delegates necessary to win the nomination.

Romney isn’t beating the drum to defeat Trump at the ballot box. He wants to keep them all from winning at the convention.

In other words, he wants to disenfranchise each and every one of us.

Romney and his pals want to make sure the field is sufficiently divided so that these snakes can slither in and try to draft someone entirely new.

Or, in the case of Romney, new/used (or in the vernacular pre-owned — because Obama really owned him in 2012).

What a slimy puke Mitt Romney is.

And, no. I’m not surprised. Mitt Romney ran a snaky campaign in 2012. Remember? He was vicious against his primary opponents. He treated Mike Huckabee to same kind of crap in 2008. The guy is a duplicitous, scurvy little spider.

Romney wants to stop them all

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if, despite telling Chuck Todd that he would be endorsing someone after March 15th, Romney drags his feet for weeks just to ensure that his endorsement doesn’t tip the scale enough to secure one of these guys from winning enough delegates going into the convention.

This asshole wants his do-over. Pure and simple.

You guys know I’m no Trump supporter. But this is shitty. There’s no other way of describing it.

It’s crap like this that makes us rank and file Republicans despise these assholes.

Earth to Mitt Romney and all the other snakes in the GOP: We have done it your way and held our nose election after election only to watch your chosen candidate flame out and lose. It’s time you pricks had to hold your nose and vote for the candidate we the voters choose. Because it is our choice.

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2 thoughts on “Romney wants to stop them all

  • March 9, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    He keeps saying that a “draft Romney” movement is ridiculous, out of the question, not going to happen…but from the first of his “I’m not going to run again” statements at the beginning of the campaign season, I had the feeling he left a big enough loophole in there to drive a truck through.
    The more denials he gives, the more dramatic would be the “It’s for good of the country, Mitt” plea to accept a draft. In fact, during his last round of denials, he did answer one question with “Who could turn down the opportunity to serve one’s country?”
    #NeverTrump, #NeverRomney, #NeverHillary

  • March 10, 2016 at 10:10 am

    This has been a wierd pre-election cycle. There are a lot of good candidates with good ideas. Then there are these other guys who are just short of what one would expect of a World Leader, a U.S. President. Mitt has been listening to the wrong crowd, like Rubio, he has been lured away from his moral compass heading by a corrupt bunch of corporate snakes. The snakes want to maintain thier control over this nation and have offered Mitt another chance to “hold the riens of power.” It is a sophomoric attempt at best to hide thier real intentions and fears. In my opinion it is PATHETIC!

    I am still impressed with Ted Cruz. You know he has been offered these same perks, and bennies if he would only toe the line, accept thier deal, and do thier bidding. But, TRUSTed Cruz has said NO to these would be slimy, slithering, masters and has proven time and again that he is not of thier ilk. That is what we need in the POTUS seat. That is what we need as a World Leader. A man who will not surrender his core beliefs, or abandon his principles, for some cheap cheese at the mousetrap.

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