Self-Awareness isn’t Elizabeth Warren’s strong suit

If self-awareness were a requirement to serve in political office, the Democrat Party would dry up and disappear overnight.

But the Queen Freak of Lacking Self-Awareness is none other than Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Or should I call her Chief Lacking Self-Awareness?

Liz is super upset because she believes two of Trump’s cabinet nominees “lied during their job applications.”


But, wait. I’m a little confused here.


How did they lie?

Did they claim to be Native American in order to get the job?

How completely lacking in self-awareness is this woman to not even realize that her primary accusation against Tom Price and Steven Mnuchin is the very thing she herself has done?

Oy, this woman.

Such a grandstander.

Look in the mirror, Liz.

For your entire career you attempted to pass yourself off as one thing while quietly making yourself filthy rich doing the exact opposite.

Is it any wonder the voters in Massachusetts are ready to give Fauxcahontas the heave-ho?

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