Shaun King is boycotting the super racist NFL


Shaun King is super angry!

The stupid NFL is racist because none of the teams will sign stupid Colin Kaeperknees.

Therefore Shaun King is boycotting the NFL.

And he means it!!!

Yeah. The NFL is so racist, 70% of all NFL players are black.

Which by my math makes the NFL 69.5% more black than Shaun King.

Hey, boycotts may work, Shaun.

After all, the reason the NFL saw a drastic bleeding of viewers last year is because so many of them were boycotting the NFL over Colin Kaeperknees.

Now, to be fair. I don’t watch football.

The last time I saw a game was the 2007 Super Bowl. And I only did because my AA sponsor told me I needed to socialize more. So I went to a Super Bowl Party.

I was bored silly by the time the pregame show went to its first commercial break.

But to accuse the NFL of “anti-blackness” when 70% of the players are …

…wait for it…

black is all kinds of puzzling to me.

The NFL has created more black millionaires than Barack Obama ever did.

Heck, the only millionaires Obama managed to create were people with the last name “Obama.”

(Except of course his half-brother who lives in a hut in Kenya.)

The beautiful thing about the NFL is it is entirely merit-based. They don’t care what color your skin is. You can be as brown as Colin Kaeperknees or as white as Shaun King.

All that matters is you’re good at the game.

Perhaps instead of folding your arms across your chest, pooching out your lower lip and harrumphing about “anti-blackness,” you should consider the obvious question: “Other than kneeling during the National Anthem, was there anything Colin Kaeperknees did on the field that made him worth all the trouble he caused?”

It’s the National Football League not the Social Justice League, for Pete’s sake.

And the bottom line is the NFL is a business.

It relies on television contracts and paid ticket-holders to survive.

And if some mediocre player is proving to be more trouble than he’s worth, the NFL has absolutely no obligation to keep him around.

Even if it makes some grievance-mongering white guy with melanin-envy angry.

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