Show her soul? Is that even possible?

In an interview with the Atlantic, Shotgun Joe Biden said he advised Hillary Clinton to “show her soul” to the voters.


Is that even possible?!

And if it is, would we really want to see it?

Suddenly I’m thinking of those anti-smoking campaigns that came through my school when I was a kid. They always included the visual aid of lungs in jars of fluid.

In one jar was a pink, healthy lung.

The other contained the black, shriveled lung of a smoker.

I don’t know why that popped into my head, but there you go.

I no more want to see Hillary’s soul than I want to see the hacked nude sex photos of that actress from the abysmal remake of “Ghostbusters.”

If given a choice between seeing Hillary’s soul and seeing the contents of my parents’ septic tank, hand me a backhoe and let me get to work digging.

Show her soul?

Are you kidding?

First she’d have to find the damned thing (pun intended).

I think Hillary’s soul got deleted by the spiritual equivalent of BleachBit years ago. That is if it hadn’t already shriveled up and blown away from lack of use.

I’d say she probably sold her soul to the devil, but even Lucifer isn’t that hard-up.

Of course, that’s assuming she had a soul to begin with.

And the jury is still out on that one.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

If that’s the case, I imagine Hillary’s windows look out on a blood-red, howling abyss.

Show her soul

I think the odds of Hillary being able to “show her soul” are about as slim as my being able to show everyone my testicles.

Come on, Joe.

This is the woman who went to great lengths to hide everything she did as Secretary of State. She has spent her entire adult life perfecting the art of obstruction and concealment.

Bearing ones soul isn’t just outside of her comfort zone; it is a metaphysical impossibility.

Hat tip The Washington Times.

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