Shut Up, Jeb

According to Breitbart, Jeb Bush is popping off again.

Like a game of Whac-a-Mole, Jeb’s head pops out of his hidey-hole long enough to issue a declaration, then he’s gone again.


Illegals are here for love.

The President should have whatever cabinet nominee he puts forward.

Republicans shouldn’t oppose Common Core.

Hell, he even made this declaration regarding the PATRIOT Act:

“We need to protect the homeland. The PATRIOT Act has been a device, along with other strategies, that have kept us safe. There is not a single shred of evidence that anyone’s civil liberties have been violated. Why would we change something that has been working?”

Hey, Jeb, give us a “shred of evidence” that bulk collection of Americans’ cell phone data has resulted in one terrorist act being stopped.

And tell me how in the name of sweet fancy Moses can you say that violating the Fourth Amendment is not violating our civil liberties?

Honestly, this guy has never met a single Big, Bloated Government Program that he doesn’t love, love, LOVE.

Jeb also poked his head out to proclaim:

“The next Republican that will win will reach out to the Latino community, will campaign among Asian-Americans, will campaign in the black churches and on college campuses. The next Republican president will restore America’s greatness but they have to win, and the only way you can win during a period of deep disaffection is to share your joy, to stay focused on a hopeful, optimistic message that gives people their future and their children’s future is brighter than it is today. I believe we can do this.”

Hey, Jeb? How about the next Republican nominee reach out to the American people!!!!!

Is it too much to ask that we actually look to unite the nation?

You know what is “hopeful?” Bringing the American people together regardless of skin color, nation of origin, religion, gender, age, income.

The next Republican that will win will NOT be the guy who spends his time and energy pandering to Democrat-determined “identity groups,” but treats every single American as an individual.

And for you to scold us on being “hopeful” and “optimistic” when all I’ve heard from you is sanctimonious lectures is a little more than I can tolerate.

So, do us all a favor and shut up, Jeb. Go back down your rat hole and shut the hell up.

Your unctuous, holier-than-thou preaching as if you are some morally superior super-human and not just a has-been governor with really good family connections is getting a little tiring.

So, shut up, Jeb!

Boy, I’ll tell you.

What I wouldn’t give for a really big mallet.

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One thought on “Shut Up, Jeb

  • June 1, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    He should run as a Democrat. Probably work out the same way – LOSER.

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