It’s taken me a while to figure out that when Donald Trump kicks up a big stink over something, it’s more than likely a smokescreen he is using to hide his own problems.

When he started this clown show over Liz Mair’s SuperPAC and Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi, I immediately asked myself “What’s Donnie trying to hide?”

So I did a little investigating into what news stories on Trump came out when Donald started this childish, boorish attack on Cruz.

And there it was.

Almost precisely at the same time Trump began his jihad against Ted Cruz for a SuperPAC Facebook ad Cruz had absolutely nothing to do with, a story was released that in 2013, Donald J. Trump violated the law when he contributed $25,000 to Pam Bondi’s reelection campaign as Florida Secretary of State.

This is an explosive report.

Here is a brief recap.

In 2013, Pam Bondi was considering joining the lawsuit against Trump University that began with New York State’s Attorney General. Florida residents had filed complaints about Trump University and Bondi needed to decide whether to pursue action.

Just days after Bondi announced that she was reviewing these complaints against Trump University, she received a $25,000.00 donation from Trump. And any action against Trump University simply went away.

Sounds almost Clintonesque, does it not?

But it is even worse.

This $25,000.00 donation to a group backing Bondi in her reelection campaign was paid by Donald Trump’s charitable foundation. It is illegal for a 501c-3 charity to donate to a political campaign.

Worse still, the Trump Foundation failed to report this donation to the IRS.

The Trump campaign quickly responded that this was nothing more than a “clerical error.”

From Politico’s piece on Wednesday:

The request for the $25,000 donation came from Bondi, not the group supporting her called And Justice For All, Hicks said. When the request came in, a clerk looked up the organization and mistakenly identified it as a Utah-based nonprofit by the same name, then issued the check from the Trump Foundation, she said.
After that, an accountant mistakenly entered the donation on its tax filing as going to a different, Kansas-based nonprofit called Justice for All, Hicks said.
“My understanding is the foundation has been in touch with the IRS and proper adjustments are being made,” she added.
But the good-government group wasn’t placated.
“If you violated the law by accident, you still violated the law,” CREW Communications Director Jordan Libowitz said. If the IRS were to investigate the donation, it could find the Trump Foundation violated its tax-exempt status.
“There’s so much going on here that the IRS really needs to investigate and find out where the truth was,” Libowitz said.
Bondi didn’t follow through on the Florida complaints about Trump University. The Florida attorney general’s office has said it received few complaints and wound up referring them to the attorney general in New York, which also filed a lawsuit against Trump University that year.
But earlier this month, Bondi endorsed Trump in his run for president.

And here it is several days later, and they have not had to address this illegal donation any further.


Because the media is too busy chasing the shiny objects Trump has thrown out for them. His attacks on Heidi Cruz, this slanderous story from the National Enquirer — Trump throws up this smokescreen and the morons in the Enslaved Press chase after them like dutiful idiots.

This is how Trump avoids his own failings and scandals. He simply serves up red meat — even if the red meat is nothing but inflammatory lies — and the clueless nitwits who have become addicted to his ratings boosts happily comply.

I have no doubt that Trump launched this smear campaign as a way to keep this story of illegal campaign contributions and buying political favors from becoming big news.

And it should be big news.

Trump violated the law. Trump bought off Florida’s Secretary of State.

Trump, to put it succinctly, pulled a Clinton.

And just like Clinton, he is getting away with it — hiding beneath a smokescreen of smears.

This guy really is repugnant.

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6 thoughts on “Smokescreen

  • March 25, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    Linked in this week’s Best of the Web*

  • March 26, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Don’t forget the $25,000 donation to a pro-life group that he claimed on his taxes and which never happened. One has to wonder just how many of these there are …

  • March 26, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Your ridiculous you mention one thing and say scandals ( plural) which has been out there an explained what happened. You write an article starting out saying Jihad, clown show etc. You cannot possibly be that ignorant to use the term Jihad regarding this matter an expect anybody to take anything you say seriously after that your article is the clown show.

    The written word is foreign to you, isn’t it? — Dianny

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