Stay Classy, CNN

Like a woman scorned, CNN Politics has decided to show their classy side by posting this to Twitter.

Boy, those hacks over at CNN sure know how to act like legitimate news, don’t they?

It’s this kind of snotty, petulant behavior that only confirms for us what President Trump said.

They’re not Fake News; they’re really fake news.

Tell me. Do you remember CNN doing this kind of juvenile clock to keep tabs on “How long has it been since Barack Obama lied?”

Or “How long has it been since Barack Obama played golf?”

Or “How long has it been since Barack Obama took a vacation?”

Does CNN really believe that acting like spiteful twelve-year-olds is a sign of journalistic integrity?

There’s a reason the CNN brand has taken a beating.

And there it is in one tweet.

CNN isn’t interested in “journalism” or “a Free Press.”

Right now, all they’re interested in is petty payback.

Of course the irony is, CNN believes that Donald Trump is the one who acts like a juvenile.

Oh. And CNN? Have I got a clock for you.

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