Stop Focusing on Hillary!


Actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted out a link to the New York Times story about the Clinton Foundation/Russian Uranium deal with this message:

As Hillary sinks the cries for Warren get louder

Meanwhile, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Martin O’Malley is making the rounds to woo the ultra-Left, wealthy Hollywood elites.

I’ve been saying for more than a year that Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations aren’t a done deal.

I also said more than a year ago that the call for an Elizabeth Warren campaign would trump the “inevitability” of Hillary. Hillary has far too much baggage, and now that baggage is getting supremely heavy. The Left will seek out an alternative whether it’s Warren or O’Malley, or a yet-to-be discovered “unknown.”

Now, look. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back. I’m not Nostradamus. I just know Liberals. And, like virtually everyone else on Planet Earth, I just know Hillary.

Her candidacy isn’t a lock.

And if the Left thinks she will sink them, they will jettison her in a New York minute.

The Republicans need to stop focusing on Hillary!

This “any Republican would be better than Hillary” mentality is a waste of time and energy.

Think of all the time spent bashing Hillary in 2008. And it was all for naught.

To go on the assumption that Hillary will be the nominee in 2016 is risky. She may very well not be the nominee, so why bother spending all this time and energy focusing on her?

The Republican contenders need to be selling themselves to the American people, not bashing Hillary.

They need to make the case against Liberalism. Because no matter who the Democrat nominee is, it is a foregone conclusion he or she will be a far-left Liberal cut from the same cloth as Barack Obama. Big, intrusive Government. High taxes. Redistribution of wealth. Expanding the Welfare State. Importing illegals. Further killing the Free Market and our economy. Making a mess of foreign policy and US national interests.

Now is the time to clearly and passionately make the case for conservatism.

And, yes, that means making the case against another RINO Republican candidate.

Barack Obama won for a couple of reasons. He was black. And, he made the case against George W. Bush. It didn’t matter that Bush wasn’t running for reelection, Obama succeeded in painting any Republican opponent as being just another four years of Bush.

We have to do the same thing in 2016.

No matter who the Democrat nominee is, it will be another four years of the Obama policies of out of control spending, feckless foreign policy, redistribution of wealth, intrusive government control and the continuing loss of personal freedom.

That is the case we need to make.

We need to stop focusing on Hillary, and focus instead on life in Obama’s America.

That means making the case for conservatism.

We need to bold. We need to be clear. We need to be passionate.

And yes, again, we need to argue against a RINO.

Congress doesn’t have sickeningly low approval numbers because of Conservatives. Its approval numbers are in the toilet because of complicit, go-along-to-get-along RINOs.

If the Republicans want any hope of winning in 2016, they need to start making the case for conservatism against the Liberal Obama policies and against the RINOs.

Forget Hillary.

There is a really good chance that she won’t be the Democrat’s nominee.

And, if it turns out she is, there will be plenty of time to turn the fight to her.

I really do believe that if the conservative Republican candidates spend all their time now attacking Hillary, a RINO will be able to slip in and garner the nomination because the conservatives wasted all their time and energy focusing on the wrong thing.

If I were a campaign consultant for Cruz, Walker, Rubio or Paul, I would be urging my candidate to get to work advancing the cause of Conservatism and making the case against the failed policies of Barack Obama.

In that respect, I think Walker’s firm, solid stance on Immigration is an enormous step in the right direction.

We don’t need “cooperation and bipartisanship.” We need to make the case for something different. We need to separate ourselves from the Obama Liberalism. We need to clearly define ourselves as being wholly different and apart from the failed policies of the last eight years.

And that includes separating ourselves from the weak, feckless capitulation of the Republican Establishment.

That’s what Reagan did.

That’s what our candidate needs to do.

Stop focusing on Hillary! Let the Democrat Party implode on its own.

And make the case for conservatism.

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