Straw Man

There was one person who got a lot of airtime at last night’s debate without ever having to be on the stage. No. It wasn’t Donald Trump. It wasn’t Vladimir Putin. It wasn’t Barack Obama. It was the Straw Man.

The Billionaire.

Big Banks.

Wall Street.

Big Pharma.

The changing weather.

And of course, the biggest straw man of all, the NRA.

What is it with Democrats that they always have to set up straw men? Are their ideas so repugnant that the only way to force them on an unwilling people is to create a phony bogeyman who is out to get you and you can only be rescued by some money-grubbing socialist puke?

After nearly eight years of Barack Obama and his endless parade of straw men, I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly interested in being bludgeoned day after day by some Democrat politician whose greatest enemies are nothing more than a phony, lifeless, non-existent, all-powerful foe.

Straw man