Suicide by Love-In

As Germany stands on the brink of national suicide, Chancellor Angela Merkel declares that Love and Compassion will save them.

Yeah, right. That’ll work.

What is it with Anti-Western Globalists and their Shiny, Happy Hippie crap?

“Love is all you need” may make for a catchy tune, but it is a piss-poor way to govern a sovereign nation.

In her New Year’s message to a nation on its death bed, Merkel instructed the German people to reject “murderers who are full of hate.”

Earth to Angela.

The German people would love to reject them – or, better put eject them the hell out of Germany.

What better way for a country to reject these barbarians than by not letting them in the freaking country to begin with.

The problem is you won’t reject them. In fact, you keep letting them in.

Does this dummkopf really think that showing compassion to people who want to exterminate you will do anything but get you exterminated?

If you speak sweetly to a viper, it’s still going to bite you. It’s what vipers do.

“As we go on with our lives and work, we tell the terrorists: You are murderers full of hate, but you will not determine how we live and want to live.”

Is she kidding with this?

The German people are being instructed to change their entire lives to accommodate these Muslim migrants. How can she possibly say with a straight face that those vile barbarians are not determining “how we live and want to live?”

For heaven’s sake! German women are buying locking pants to keep these animals from raping them!

Who’s determining how those German women live, Angela — the German women or the vicious seventh-century throwbacks you’re importing?!

This is what you get from these 1960s rejects.

After the Orlando terrorist attack, Loretta Lynch went down to Florida and proclaimed that we will defeat terror with compassion, unity and love.

Clearly Angela Merkel hired Loretta’s speechwriter.

What’s next?

Will Angela Merkel bring James Taylor to Germany and have him warble “You’ve Got a Friend?”

Or will she and Barack Obama crawl into bed and have a Bed-In to Defeat Terrorism?

Boy, I really hope the populist wave slams into this woman like a freaking tsunami and washes her out of office.

While there’s still time to prevent Germany from committing suicide.

Hat tip Politico

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