The first group to tour the White House since President Trump was inaugurated got quite a surprise this morning.

A cameo by President Trump.


Here’s a great video of it:

Say, did you catch whose portrait was looking on?

Why isn’t that the 2016 loser Hillary Rodham Clinton?

A frozen First Lady Hillary smiling down on President Trump while a crowd of folks cheer.

Talk about Schadenfreude.

To me, the heart of this story is the absolute delight from the people on the tour at seeing President Trump.

Listen to those cheers.

But you can always count on the harrumphers in the Enslaved Press to lift their leg and pee all over a perfectly charming and awesome story as this.

For example the Hill.

The White House Visitors Office, which is traditionally overseen by the first lady, is typically closed during the presidential transition as the new staff gets in place.
But tours usually resume much more quickly. The delay caused some frustration among members of Congress, whose offices are responsible for scheduling tours for their constituents.

Way to master the art of wet-blanketry, you guys.

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  • March 7, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Well done Mr. President!

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