Syria is not our fight

In May 2013, the United Nations determined that a Sarin attack launched in Syria earlier that year was not perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad.

Rather, after gathering testimony from victims of the attack, the UN determined it was carried out by the Syrian rebels.

Once again, it is being reported that another Sarin attack happened.

And once again, Senators McCain and Graham – two of the hair-triggerest warmongers ever – want the US to intervene to oust Assad.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Bashar al-Assad is no Boy Scout. And there is plenty of evidence that in the past he too used chemical weapons against the rebels.

But, let’s be honest here. The rebels aren’t Boy Scouts either.

The Syrian civil war is just that – a civil war in a region of the world brimming with barbarians and vicious animals.

To borrow from Sarah Palin, the US should leave them to fight, then let Allah sort it out.

Gaddafi, like Assad, was a bad man.

But the US aiding the Libyan rebels in overthrowing him resulted in that nation being tossed into utter chaos. It gave Islamic State a foothold in North Africa. Not to mention resulted in the brutal murder of a US Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi.

And given the fact that it was the rebels who deployed Sarin in 2013 and blamed it on Assad, I am inclined to be exceedingly skeptical about this latest alleged attack.

In fact, I am as wary of these news reports coming out of Syria as I am the so-called “refugees” coming out of Syria.

These calls to use this alleged Sarin attack as a reason to oust Assad make my spider senses tingle big-time.

My gut is telling me “Danger, Will Robinson.”

And I’ll be honest with you. The fact that the Enslaved Press is playing up this attack and demanding that President Trump act decisively is another big red flag for me.

Haven’t we learned by now that when the Enslaved Press wants Trump to do something, their motives are not in the best interest of this nation or the President?

These are the same guys who bemoaned the “endless war” in Iraq. The same guys who ginned up anti-war sentiment throughout George W. Bush’s second term.

And now they’re demanding Trump take us to war?

Come on. Use your heads.

Candidate Trump spoke out relentlessly on the foolishness of the US intervening in Middle East conflicts.

In fact, I would venture to guess that a large part of why Trump won the Republican primary was his firm stand against “regime change” and US interventionist policies that led to unwinnable wars and the rise of ISIS.

And I wouldn’t put it past the Enslaved Press to try and henpeck President Trump into war with Assad for no other reason than to separate him from those who elected him.

And before you say “Oh, Dianny. Even the Enslaved Press wouldn’t stoop to dragging us into war for political advantage,” consider this.

Did they not encourage and sensationalize the riots that occurred after Trump won in November?

Are they not responsible for the ripple effect rioting that spread throughout our cities after Ferguson?

Did they not fan the flames against the police that resulted in numerous deaths of police officers throughout the country?

Do you really think that dragging us into war for political gain wouldn’t cross their minds?

Of course it would.

The pearl-clutching and hysteria over Syria coming from the Enslaved Press is highly suspect.

But the bottom line is this. Syria is not our fight.

And though it is a civil war, it is not without outside actors.

Acting against Assad would not be limited to Assad, would it?

We would be going to war against Russia and Iran.

And for what?

What could we possibly gain as a nation by letting ourselves get dragged into war with Syria? And what would fill the void if Assad were overthrown?

Would we be aiding and abetting the next Libya?

I agree with the President’s desire to set up safe zones for civilians caught up in this civil war.

And, actually, I think this would be something we could pursue with our allies in the Middle East — and even possibly with Russian cooperation.

But regime change?

I simply do not see how that would be a long-term net gain for the United States or for Syria.

And it flies in the face of what Mr. Trump himself campaigned on when he ran for President of the United States.

Iraq and Libya are very real lessons in how regime change in the Middle East results in nations spiraling into darkness.

But here’s the thing.

President Trump knows all this.

And while the Enslaved Press plays up this alleged Sarin attack and acts like the hysterical woman in “The Simpsons” who always shrieked, “What about the CHILDREN!!!” I believe President Trump will take the right course of action.

He will listen attentively to his advisors and the Joint Chiefs. And he will work with our Middle East allies like Jordan and Egypt.

[And, hello! He met with both the King of Jordan and the President of Egypt just this week.]

Despite what the Enslaved Press may want you to believe, President Trump is not an incompetent moron.

The incompetent moron left office on January 20th.

Mr. Trump has shown a steadiness and determination to do what is right for this nation.

I have no doubt that he is more than equipped to make the right decision here.

And I speak as someone who was opposed to Trump during the primaries.

Yet he won me over because I saw in him a genuine desire to serve this nation with honor and respect. And to put the interests of America first.

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    Excellent article! Agree 100%

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