Talk about Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact

I got a message from my friend James last night suggesting I do a Photoshop image of Attorney General Jeff Sessions as Dirty Harry in the movie Sudden Impact.

Boy, is that spot-on or what?

Yesterday, Sessions announced that he would be cutting billions of dollars in law enforcement grants from so-called “Sanctuary Cities.”

It’s about damn time these lawless cities got some consequences for their lawlessness.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to hear what my own mayor had to say about this.

As I mentioned in January, Democrat Mayor Stephanie Miner declared Syracuse a Sanctuary City at the start of the year.

And Stephanie didn’t disappoint.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Minor Mayor said:

”The Justice Department’s leadership has once again shown blind allegiance to ideology rather than a sound understanding of public policy.”

What you call “blind allegiance to ideology,” Steph, we on Planet Earth call “upholding the law.”

But she continued:

Cities, like Syracuse, are sanctuary cities because it is in keeping with our history of welcoming immigrants and refugees.

Earth to Stephanie: Illegal aliens are not “immigrants.” They are foreign nationals in the country illegally.

This need to equate illegals with actual immigrants is troll logic.

This divisive decision…

Otherwise known on Planet Earth as “upholding the law…”

is against our history as cities and as a nation.

“Our history” is one of legal immigration, Steph. In fact, “our history” includes decades where no immigration was permitted.

Learn your history, you dumb dink.

And, naturally, Stephanie defends her decision to violate the law by citing the poem on a plaque in the Statue of Liberty.

This is where the Statue of Liberty watches guard in New York Harbor and proudly proclaims the United States accepts the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Yes, but we will accept them legally.

Which holds more weight for Stephanie Miner?

The rule of law or a freaking poem?

I think you know the answer.

And naturally, Stephanie included this typical Leftist trope:

This is not who we are and this is not who we should be.

I don’t know, Steph. I think expecting our elected officials to uphold the law is exactly who we are.

The Minor Mayor closed with this:

We continue to review the details of this order to understand its full impact and what our options will be going forward. The City of Syracuse is resolute in its commitment to remaining a sanctuary city for all those who make this their home.

“Full impact.” I think the phrase you’re grasping for is “sudden impact.”

And the impact will be felt in City Hall.

Because Stephanie Miner has a major problem.

Her incompetent “leadership” has been fraught with financial mismanagement.

Syracuse’s infrastructure is crumbling. Crime and Poverty are on the rise.

[The influx of illegals has a lot to do with that]

And Stephanie Miner’s go-to solution is to beg both the State and Federal Government for money.

This bumbling woman is constantly going to Albany or Senator Schumer with her hand out.

And don’t doubt me on this. The primary reason Mayor Miner wants refugees settled in Syracuse is because loads of Federal funding comes along with them.

In short, Stephanie Miner doesn’t see huddled masses yearning to breathe free; she sees dollar signs.

And like every other Democrat Mayor, she is incapable of fiscal management. She depends on taxpayers from the whole of New York and the rest of the country to foot the bill for her incompetence.

If the Federal Government starts withholding money until she starts upholding Federal Immigration laws, Stephanie will be in big, BIG trouble.

So, go ahead, AG Sessions. Pull the trigger. Cut her off.

And make my day.

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