Thanks Hillary!

For the sixth month in a row, gun sales in the US during the month of October have set records.

Thanks Hillary!

Nothing spurs guns sales quite like a shrill Leftist hag campaigning on wanting to limit the availability of guns.

Lucky for us, Hillary won’t shut the hell up about her desire to restrict gun ownership.

Just check out her Twitter feed. Between her endless carping about boys who think they’re girls wanting to use the ladies’ room and her flagrantly untrue claim that between 88 and 92 people a day die from “gun violence” (it’s actually closer to thirty), Hillary Clinton seems to be going out of her way to appeal to the more radical Leftist element in the country while turning off larger and larger swaths of regular Americans of all political stripes.

It may help her defeat Bernie Sanders in the primary, but it is going to screw her royally in November 2016.

The further Left Hillary stomps, the less likely it is she can reverse course and portray herself as a “moderate” in the general election.

Maybe it’s sexist, but nobody likes a shrill, far-Left Democrat woman except other shrill far-Left Democrat women and the metrosexual wusses who defer to them.

Case in point, Hillary made sure to come out strong for Houston’s transgendered bathroom proposition yesterday, tweeting out this:

Thanks Hillary

And lookie, lookie! Houston, a largely Democrat enclave (after all Sheila Jackson-Lee is their Congresswoman), voted down this stupid proposition by a 2 to 1 margin.

And there’s Hillary standing firmly on the side of a tiny minority of delusional, psychologically troubled individuals being able to use the opposite gender’s toilet.

Why? Because peeing with real girls is about “equal protection under the law.”


Way to double-down on a position that’s clearly unpopular even among Democrat voters.

A more savvy candidate would notice that policies she can’t shut up about are unpopular even with segments of the Democrat party. But Hillary’s not particularly savvy, is she?

Just keep moving further to the Left, Hill. You’re doing our work for us.

By the time you secure the nomination, you will have managed to alienate the majority of voters who are sick and tired of this wee little Leftist tail that’s wagging the dog.

Bernie Sanders may not defeat Hillary in the primaries, but he sure is hell helping defeat Hillary next November. And because she is just too desperate to be President and too stupid to think long-term, she’s foolishly taking the bait and moving ever further to the extreme Left.

And I gotta admit. It’s giving me a happy.

So, thanks Hillary!

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2 thoughts on “Thanks Hillary!

  • November 4, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    Show her the door. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Exit stage left. Take the satanic socialist sponges with you. See Yaah!! Bye bye Hilary! Bye bye! Thank you Dianny for your work!! Your posts are quite refreshing!

  • November 4, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Sorry to disappoint,but the fix is already in.The socialists have built a blue firewall of states with the influx of millions of illegals.Add to that the mind-numbingly large amount of idiots who will vote for her because she’s a grandma,knowing full well she’s a degenerate liar but not caring as long as the free stuff keeps coming,not to mention the massive vote fraud machine and there’s no possible scenario where she loses.

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