The AOC/Pelosi catfight: Rush Limbaugh called it

Rush Limbaugh called it

I’ve been so busy working on RANT: Derangement & Resistance in MAGA Country that I’m playing catch-up on the whole AOC/Pelosi spat.

Or “catfight” if you will.

And yesterday afternoon when I hit the inevitable brick wall that comes with working every day until well after midnight, I couldn’t even review current events on Twitter because Twitter was down.

That being said, I’ve had time this morning to familiarize myself with the growing feud between the Establishment wing of the House Democrats and the Upstart Socialist wing.

And the first thing that popped into my head was “Once again, Rush Limbaugh was right.”

Back in November before AOC was even sworn in, she along with some Climate Change Activists, stormed Nancy Pelosi’s office on Capitol Hill.

In a post titled “The Upstart Socialist versus the Democrat Establishment,” I wrote about the inevitable clash between Nancy Pelosi and AOC:

Clearly Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know who calls the shots in the Democrat caucus. And either due to naïveté or arrogance, the Upstart Socialist seems oblivious to the fact that she will be expected to play ball.

And something tells me Pelosi and the Democrat Establishment aren’t particularly happy with Ocasio-Cortez joining a protest outside of Nancy’s office.

Sure, Pelosi might toss her a crumb by publicly patting her on the head. But when it comes to Congressional Democrats, the real action takes place behind closed doors.

So the Upstart Socialist could find herself running afoul of her own party’s establishment.

As the old saying goes, payback’s a bitch. And in the Democrat Congress, that bitch is Nancy Pelosi.

Guess I was right too.

But in that post, I also included the following transcript from the Rush Limbaugh show from the day before:

Freshmen are brought into the offices of the speaker and the leaders of their party, and they’re given the lay of the land.

“You like being here? You like winning the election?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“You want to stay here, get reelected?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah.”

“You want to eventually have a meaningful committee appointment, maybe even a chairman?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah.”

“Well, then you’ve got to do everything we say your first term. You vote the way we tell you to vote, you vote when we tell you to vote, you say what we tell you to say when you vote the way we tell you to vote. And if you do that, everything’s gonna be fine. We’ll make sure you get reelected or at least get a lot of money to run your reelection campaign. We’ll support you. But if you do not follow through on our instructions, then you’re finished! You’re not gonna be here after one term. We’re gonna see to it that you lose.”

That still happens. It happens on both sides. It happens on the Republican side, too, to a certain extent.

Can you imagine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in all of her publicly raging ignorance, can you imagine her in that meeting being talked to that way? Can you imagine her being acquiesce and say, “Oh, sure. Okay.”

That’s not gonna happen. She’s gonna fire back at ’em, “Who are you to tell me how to vote? You’re the past. You don’t know what’s going on. You don’t even know why I got elected. You don’t even know how I got elected. Screw this! I’m voting for my people. I’m voting for what I think is right. It’s your turn to get out of the way. Hell, who are you?”

Read that last paragraph from Rush again and then check out this tweet:

“Who are you? You’re the past. You don’t know what’s going on” all in one snotty tweet.

Pissing off the Right while garnering enthusiastic, slavish followers is one thing.

But turning your vitriol and vile rhetoric on the Speaker of the House is altogether different.

And Nancy isn’t going to be okay with that.

Pelosi made a huge mistake thinking she could harness the social media celebrity of AOC for her own benefit. It was like trying to control a rampaging herd of elephants.

And now that rampaging herd is endangering the Democrat House Majority.

As I’ve said before, AOC might be a Social Media superstar, but her brand of radical extremism is not widely popular in most of the swing districts that secured the House Democrats their majority.

And deciding to bite the hand that feeds her as we enter the 2020 election cycle is going to hurt those Democrats who flipped traditionally Republican seats.

This establishment/radical catfight isn’t helping that problem in the least.

Nancy Pelosi might be a card-carrying Leftist in good standing.  But she knows how the game is played. If the House Democrats abandon their more moderate voters in favor of the Whack-Job Caucus, those moderate voters will abandon them. And the Democrats could end up losing the House.

And Nancy knows that.

On top of that, Nancy, like most establishment politicians, is going to put her interests first.

And she does not want to lose the Speakership because these four loudmouth Freshman brats can’t slow their roll.

But they won’t slow down. They can’t slow down.

And it isn’t just Republicans AOC and her comrades want to steamroll over.

It’s also the old has been Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

Rush Limbaugh always says, “Do not doubt me.”

And this is just one more example of why I never do.

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4 thoughts on “The AOC/Pelosi catfight: Rush Limbaugh called it

  • July 12, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    AOC has a large Twitter following and, indeed as we’ve seen many times before, a fired-up Twitter mob can destroy. But what politicians on both sides are missing is that the power does not ipso facto belong to the one with the biggest Twitter following; no, the power really belongs to the one whom Twitter (the company) supports. I don’t think Pelosi considers AOC’s Twitter mob to be a serious threat, but she needs to clearly read the tea leaves when it comes to the one whom Twitter is committed to support.

  • July 12, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Oh man. Imagine the spewing of vitriolic poison from that Bronx loudmouth and her twit nation when she LOSES her seat next year!
    This is going to be great!

  • July 12, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Pay-Per-View could make millions if they could get those two in the ring. Give them a knife and brass knuckles and let them go at it!

  • July 12, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    Her gang, ‘justice democrats’ are aiming to get rid of Schumer in the primary.
    LOL! Pelosi and Schumer better get their act together and take care of
    that dummy.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if her mama named her after the library in Egypt?
    Have mercy! 😀

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