The Art of Persuasion

So, for five days now the Enslaved Press has been trying to persuade America that nobody in the country supports Donald Trump’s supposed “Muslim Ban.”

And once again, the media failed.

If you think of persuasion as an art form, the Enslaved Press are still in the stick-figure stage.

They couldn’t persuade a starving man to eat.

As was reported yesterday by Rasmussen, 57% of Americans support the President’s temporary ban on travel from terror-supporting countries.

And only a measly 33% oppose it.

Hell, even 34% of Democrats are in favor of the temporary ban.

This after the media’s non-stop campaign to undermine Trump’s action.

When you have an Enslaved Press that believes its job is to frame the narrative and sway public opinion, this is what you get.

Too bad they suck at framing the narrative and swaying public opinion.

Well, at least when it comes to Donald Trump, they suck at it.

If it were any other Republican President, this shock and awe persuasion tactic of the media probably would work like a charm.

But it isn’t working now.

And the reason is simple.

When it comes to the art of persuasion, Donald Trump is a veritable Rembrandt while the Enslaved Press are busy drawing stick figures.

The key to his success is President Trump’s ability to go around the media and speak directly to the American people.

Why do you think the media is apoplectic over Donald Trump using Twitter and Facebook?

He’s using these social media platforms to cut them out of the loop.

And they don’t want him to do that. In fact, they believe it is their right to control what information is dispensed to us.

Every other Republican President – except Ronald Reagan – let the Enslaved Press control the flow of information.

It’s what they’re used to.

For days now, the media has used everything in their arsenal to try and persuade the American people that nobody supports Trump’s supposed “Muslim ban.”

They’ve trained their cameras on one violent protest after another.

They’ve trotted out Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi thinking we would see their phony tears and instantly turn against Trump’s efforts to secure our nation.

And of course, they’ve loaded up air time with sad-sack sob stories of people whose lives were inconvenienced by Trump’s order.

And with every other Republican President (except Reagan) this would have worked.

But it isn’t working against Donald Trump.

You cannot out-persuade a man who is a master at the art of persuasion.

See, unlike the Enslaved Press, Donald Trump actually listens to the American people.

More importantly, we’re listening to him.

Look, last night I didn’t learn of Sally Yates’ termination from a news source; I read the White House statement myself when President Trump posted it on Facebook.

This is exactly why the Enslaved Press is so angry.

They want to be the Gatekeepers between the President and the people.

And, just like Reagan, Donald Trump isn’t letting them.

There’s a scene from an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where Buffy and Angel want to speak in private. But Buffy’s jealous boyfriend Riley refuses to leave the room.

So Buffy gives Angel a look and a nod, and the two of them simply walk out of the room leaving Riley sitting there alone.

This is exactly how Donald Trump has responded to the Enslaved Press.

They want to remain in between him and the American people. So he simply gives us a look and a nod, and we all just walk away and carry on without them.

The Enslaved Press have become irrelevant.

And they did it to themselves when they abandoned journalism for activism.

If the Enslaved Press were masters in the art of persuasion, they would have succeeded in turning Americans against Donald Trump.

But they suck at it.

Because persuasion is not effective if you treat those whom you seek to persuade like garbage.

Their lack of interest in listening to us is exactly why they’ve failed to persuade us.

They’ve been trying for nearly two years to convince us that Donald Trump was a fool, a buffoon, a danger, a racist, a fascist, a monster and a joke.

But the joke’s on them.

While they’ve been treating us like crap, Donald Trump treats us with respect.

He doesn’t disparage us or dismiss us. He never lectures us. And he doesn’t try to guilt us into agreeing with him.

More importantly, he defends us against the slanders of the Enslaved Press.

As a result, Americans trust him far more than they trust the fools in the media.

In fact, this morning, Breitbart reported that an Edelman study reveals only 15% of Trump supporters trust the media.

Edelman points out that Americans now view the media as part of the “elites.”

That’s what happens when you become condescending toward the American People.

In a statement on the study, Edelman explained, “The result is a proclivity for self-referential media and reliance on peers.”

In other words, the Enslaved Press is too busy listening to each other instead of listening to us.

Exactly the point Steve Bannon was making when he told them to shut up and listen.

He didn’t mean shut up and listen to the White House.

He meant shut up and listen to the American people.

The very Americans Donald Trump has been listening to for the last two years.

Meanwhile, as the Enslaved Press continues to operate like a hermetically-sealed circle-jerk, President Trump just keeps going around them like they don’t matter.

Because they really don’t.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Persuasion

  • January 31, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Trump can stop all this rioting and protesting and roadblocking and violence. All he has to do is explain to the people how he was a registered Democrat most of his life; and how he would have run as a Democrat, but he knew Hillary had the nomination bought and paid for. He knew the DNC was stealing the primary election for Hillary. He knew it would be a total waste of time and money to run against her, because even if he got 100% of the votes, she would still have gotten the nomination. So he ran as a Republican instead. But now that he is officially POTUS, he is changing that icky-poo-racist-hatey R after his name to a wonderful-magical-happy D.
    Think about it. How did these same people react to Obama’s 6 month Muslim ban? They didn’t. Because it has nothing to do with bans, and everything to do with the letter after said banner’s name.
    Trump says the word ‘pussy’ in private and these people go ballistic. Clinton actually rapes and sexually assaults the pussies of dozens of women, famously using one pussy as his personal humidor, and these same people swoon with orgasmic delight. Because they don’t care if you say ‘pussy’ or rape pussy, they only care about the letter after the name.
    An R can do or say anything, it doesn’t matter what – he can say 2+2=4 or he can say 2+2=5 or he can call a bomb a ‘bomb’ – and it will be proof to these people that he is a stupid, racist, fascist, nazi. Then a D can do or say the exact same thing, word for word, verbatim; and it will be proof to these same people that he is pure genius.
    If Trump turns his icky-poo R into a happy D, he will be able to continue his agenda and keep his promises to the American people without any opposition whatsoever.

    • January 31, 2017 at 1:13 pm

      Though I’m no longer a Republican (Independent, now), what you said is true. Just more of their blatant hypocrisy.

  • January 31, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    Chuck the Schmuck Schumer and his fellow travelers in Congress and the MSM are in danger of being seen as the little Schmuck who cried “wolf”.

  • January 31, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    So, I go to the dentist today and she tells me ‘Leave it to Beaver’ reruns are on MeTV. She zones to Mrs. Cleaver because she can no longer watch the news. She still knows what’s going on, but can tell me (TMI) about June’s hairstyles. This is middle America. A Trump supporter just tunes ‘them’ out. They know who he is, glad he’s accomplishing his campaign promises and the rest be damned. The opposition ain’t gonna work.

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