The Beginning of the End

The beginning of the end

I think it goes without saying that Hillary Clinton’s legal woes just went from bad to cataclysmic. The release of the I.G.’s report on the use of her private email server and the Enslaved Press’ breathless reporting on it spells the beginning of the end of the Clinton Presidential dream.

When Liberal news outlets like Politico cover the story in not one (HERE), but several reports (HERE, HERE, and HERE), that’s a big red flag that the Democrats are beginning to go wobbly on Hillary.

Couple that with frequent stories from not only Politico, but also from The Hill about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s no-good, very bad spring, and you can come to no other conclusion than the Democrat Party and the Liberal media are scrambling to right the sinking ship after its head-on collision with the iceberg known as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I think it is also an unmistakable sign that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is making news almost daily with her relentless attacks on Trump.

While some see Warren as merely an attack dog and perhaps a possible running mate for Hillary, I think it is far more than that. I think the DNC and the Enslaved Press are laying the groundwork for jettisoning Hillary entirely.

I know I’ve suggested this before, and nothing has changed my mind: Joe Biden will be the one who garners the nomination and Elizabeth Warren will be his running mate.

The DNC has a problem that, quite frankly, dwarfs the schism within the Republican Party.

The Bernie candidacy has exposed a giant divide between younger, more Leftist voters and the more traditional Democrat voting blocs. A Bernie nomination would do nothing to bridge that divide.

If Hillary weren’t such a weak candidate, perhaps a Clinton/Warren ticket would unify the party. But Hillary is a profoundly weak candidate. Her baggage and legal troubles make her pretty much low-hanging fruit for a Republican nominee who doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “fair game.”

The reason Liberal outlets are howling like banshees over Trump attacking Hillary for enabling Bill’s sexual assaults isn’t because it is “old news” or below the belt. They’re upset because it will be effective. Hillary has spent her life being shielded from her own iniquities. Trump is already tearing that shield to shreds. Of course it is made worse by the fact that Hillary is an absolutely terrible candidate.

The Democrats need a likeable nominee coupled with a more Leftist bomb-throwing running mate who can appeal to the traditional Democrat voting blocs while bridging the gap with younger voters.

And I’m telling you, that’s Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

I don’t believe it is purely bad luck that this I.G. report was released when it was. I also don’t believe it is just happenstance that Elizabeth Warren is becoming such a vocal adversary to Donald Trump at this point in time.

I think there’s a coordinated plan in the works to quietly shuffle Hillary off the stage and replace her — just as they’re moving to shove Debbie Wasserman-Schultz out of her job.

A convention power-play that creates a Biden/Warren ticket wouldn’t seem so out of left field if it is preceded by a couple months of negative news stories about Hillary’s never-ending legal woes. If the Enslaved Press keep the pressure on Hillary and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, you can pretty much be assured that they’re doing their part to lay the groundwork for a convention surprise.

There is no way in hell the Democrat Party is going to risk a loss in November just to satisfy Hillary Clinton’s overweening ambition.

It was a great gift to the Democrats that Donald Trump secured the nomination long before the convention. It has given them plenty of time to shift gears and come up with a new winning strategy. Trump has exposed his line of attack on Hillary and it is bad news for the Democrats. Rather than driving Hillary up in the polls while sending his plummeting, Trump’s attacks are having the opposite effect. The DNC’s worst fears of a Clinton nomination have become reality. But fortunately, it is happening early enough for them to clear her out of the way.

Elizabeth Warren is basically the female Bernie with more manageable hair. I have no doubt that even Bernie Sanders would give his imprimatur to a Biden/Warren ticket. That alone would go a long way to mending the schism between traditional Democrat voting blocs and the Bernie voters — something Hillary Clinton would be hard-pressed to accomplish even with Warren as a running mate.

All of this is by design. All of it. Elizabeth Warren being front-and-center in the attacks on Trump, the calls for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign, and of course, the growing legal rat-hole Hillary finds herself in. But most importantly, the fact that the Enslaved Press is willingly covering all of it.

I’m telling you. If the DNC were sticking by Hillary no matter what, Politico and other Liberal news outlets would not be hammering her over this I.G. report. It would have gotten a wee little mention and nothing more.

Sure you’ve got hysterical women writers like Bob Cesca at taking to the fainting couches over Trump’s attacks on Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults. I’d expect the crazy Leftists from Salon to do nothing else. However, at the same time, it should be a big red flag that the always reliable Liberal Politico has an editorial by Rich Lowry titled Yes, Hillary was an Enabler.

The only thing that has kept Hillary Clinton’s candidacy from imploding for more than a year is the shield of the Enslaved Press. And if these news reports are any indication, that shield seems to have been lifted.

And I’m telling you. That is not a good sign for Hillary.

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  • May 26, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Fauxcahontas as a female Bernie? Yep. You get a twofer there! Threefer, if you believe her cock and bull story about being a Native American.

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