The Democrat Identity Crisis


The Party of Identity Politics is on the cusp of winning in a Pennsylvania Congressional race and it is not particularly good news for them.

Conor Lamb – the Democrat with the razor-thin lead in a race that is, at this writing, still too close to call – ran as a moderate who attacked Pelosi and went easy on Trump.

And that isn’t exactly the kind of candidate the national Democrat Party has been pushing for the Midterms.

Now, on first blush, flipping this red district blue could be a harbinger of what to expect come November.

But I can’t help but feel that this victory will come with some not-so-welcome problems.

The Democrat Party – as part of their national campaign – has embraced the politics of division.

Identity politics matter more than policy and agenda.

And the ResistanceLOL to Trump trumps constituencies.

It’s not easy to flip districts from red to blue when your priorities are Identity Politics and childish anti-Trump antics.

Lamb is on the cusp of victory because his campaign did not embrace the divisive Identity Politics of the National Democrat Party. And he recognized his district’s support for the President.

He is a moderate – dare I say “Blue Dog” Democrat – who campaigned on sharing the values of the district in which he ran.

Listen, I lived in Western Pennsylvania for years.

First, in the 1980s when I attended college in Beaver Falls. Then again in the late nineties when I returned to attend graduate school at Carnegie Mellon.

The fact is, Western Pennsylvanians have always been working class union Democrats.

The reason any districts flipped red isn’t because the voters changed. It was because the Democrat Party changed.

They veered further to the Left and as a result left their constituents behind.

But Lamb didn’t campaign that way.

And I think that is central to his success.

Voters felt as if he was one of them.

The only way Lamb’s victory could be a template for what is coming in November is if the Democrat Party rejects their divisive Identity Politics and anti-Trump foolishness. And instead runs candidates who are in line with their constituents.

And I don’t know if they’re willing to do that.

Nationally, the Democrat Party’s base has become extremely Left wing. And as a rule they do not brook differences among their elected officials.

Conor Lamb ran as a traditional working class Democrat.

And that is exactly the kind of Democrat who can win white working class voters.

But it is also exactly the kind of Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the DNC purged from the party.

If he squeaks out the win and is seated in Congress, Lamb will be under a great deal of pressure to abandon the voters who put him there and sign on to the California-style Leftist Identity Politics of the National Democrat Party.

See, I think Lamb winning this will mean the Democrats are going to have a serious identity crisis on their hands just months before the Midterms.

Will they risk royally pissing off the louder more radical faction of their base and embrace the return of “Blue Dog Democrats” in order to flip red districts to blue?

Or do they continue to plow ahead with their divisive, far-Left Identity Politics and silly anti-Trump ResistanceLOL?

For all the talk about how a loss here in Pennsylvania is a blow to Republicans (and it may well be), I think a win here will be just as disruptive for the Democrats.

They’ve spent the last nearly ten years purging their party of moderates in favor of far-Left activists and radicals.

For ten years they’ve demanded that everyone fall in lock-step with their radical, far-Left agenda.

But if Lamb only won because he ran as a moderate, what’s the Democrat Party to do?

Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “He’s faking it, Dianny. Conor Lamb is going to be as much of a far left whack-job as every other Democrat.”

And that may very well be true. But if he does, I doubt the voters will keep him there for long.

Of course, with the impending gerrymandering of districts in Pennsylvania on the horizon, the truth is, it’s hard to know just what will shake out in the near future.

Lamb, if he is seated, will face a primary in May for a newly-drawn district. And then, if he succeeds, will have to run again in November.

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One thought on “The Democrat Identity Crisis

  • March 15, 2018 at 11:52 am

    It appears that the Uniparty/Ryan aided the Lambster. Time to primary Ryan AND McConnell, IMHO.

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