The End of an Error and the Return of America

I can’t believe it. We are less than three hours away from the end of an error.

The only thing better than Barack Obama leaving the White House today would have been Barack Obama being frog-marched out of the White House and into a jail cell years earlier.

But he’s leaving. I’ll take it.

Yesterday, Barack took a moment away from his feverish commutations of drug felons to place one last phone call to a world leader.

Naturally, it was the last Globalist woman standing, Angela Merkel.

I think we all know what they spoke about.

While Barry did his “free all the drug dealers” thing, Valerie Jarrett – the real President for the last eight years – tweeted out this picture.

Anybody else find this tweet somewhat peculiar?

Is Valerie Jarrett saying that for the last eight years in which she acted as Puppetmaster to a Petulant Child she wasn’t a citizen?

See, this is the problem I have with the entire Obama Administration.

They completely failed to grasp that the central premise behind “self-government” is that citizens govern themselves.

You don’t stop being a citizen when you serve in government.

In his farewell address, George Washington, referred to the President of the United States as “a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States.”

A citizen.

This is at the very heart of self-government.

The people in Government are not our betters.

They are citizens – just like you and I.

But to Valerie’s way of thinking, acting as special advisor to the President for eight made her better than a citizen.

It’s an extremely condescending attitude.

But hardly surprising.

And I am so glad to be rid of these people.

As I watched the “Make America Great Again” Concert last night, I was amazed at how America-centered it was.

I sobbed like a great big girl when Toby Keith performed patriotic song after patriot song.

I wasn’t crying because Donald Trump was becoming the 45th President of the United States. Rather, I was crying because Donald Trump saw fit to create an event that celebrated America – its people, our military.

After eight years of a President who made it all about him, it was a good sign to see that Donald Trump made his first public event of the Inauguration about We the People.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

Closing with the Army band and choir singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic as fireworks lit up the sky was a cool, cleansing rain washing away the anti-American, anti-God venom that infested Washington for the last eight years.

And when, at the end, the fireworks formed our flag, I cheered as loudly as those in the crowd by the Lincoln Memorial.

The Obama Error has ended.

And America is back.

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One thought on “The End of an Error and the Return of America

  • January 20, 2017 at 10:51 am

    What an awesome tribute to our new President. I got choked up just reading this blog. You are 147% correct it has been a long time since We the People, and this Nation, was first and foremost in our President’s words. President Trump kept saying it yesterday that it was because of us that he won. I hope he/we can hold on to those truths. I pray for his, and his family’s safety. May God Bless this Nation once again.

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