The Face of Fifteen Bucks an Hour

This my friends is the face of fifteen bucks an hour.

The Face of Fifteen

This former Subway employee, Sierra McCurdy of Laurel Mississippi took to social media to celebrate the murder of Hattiesburg Police officers Benjamin Dean and Liquori Tate.

The Face of fifteen post

Read all about her at the New York Post.

And folks wonder why I’m opposed to giving a blanket, underserved raise to every single person who works in the food service industry.

You don’t deserve $15.00 an hour, Sierra. Frankly, you don’t deserve a job. And thankfully Subway agreed because they let her go.

We have gone so far away from the concept of “earning a living” that now, idiots like this young lady think you can be absolutely uncivilized and your employer shouldn’t be able to say, “Get the hell out.”

We have gone so far away from the concept of “earning a living,” we are supposed to believe that every unskilled, and apparently uncouth, person DESERVES to make fifteen dollars an hour whether they’re worth it or not.

You know, I spent ten years at a company. When I started, I was a part-time office assistant making $8.00 per hour. By the time I left, I was the operations manager and made far, far more than that.

But I didn’t get more money because I deserved it.

I got it because I earned.

I spent time teaching myself the business, learning plants (botanical/common names, growth habits, ideal soil requirements, etc…), I worked with a brick crew learning how paverbrick patio and sidewalk installations were done. I put in the effort, often on my own time, to make myself more valuable.

To earn a higher wage.

I didn’t just sit on my ass and whine for more money, take to the street carrying a pre-printed sign from a union demanding more money or, God forbid, go on social media and foment violence against police.

But this young lady, she is the face of fifteen bucks an hour.

Keep her in mind when you hear people kvetch and complain about the minimum wage.

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