The humorless harpies of NARAL

Three years ago, Ann Coulter came to Syracuse University to give a speech hosted by the SU Young Republicans. Leave aside the surprising fact that there are young Republicans at Syracuse University. I’m sure that will stun most of you. I live five minutes away from SU and nobody is more surprised than I.

I went up to SU to hear her speak. When she opened it up for questions, a young woman in a hijab stepped up to the mic to ask her if she really had said on Hannity that the wife of the dead Boston bomber should be arrested just for wearing a hijab.

Ann said, “It was a joke.”

In one voice, the army of angry Leftists who were seated together in the back responded, “That’s not funny!!!!!”

Ann said, “The slogan of the Feminist Movement has now become the slogan of the entire Democrat Party: ‘That’s not funny!'”

Well, apparently, the humorless harpies of NARAL decided that their mission last night during the Super Bowl was to criticize every commercial that they deemed “sexist,” “misogynistic,” or “anti-choice.”

Honestly. Do these women not have anything better to do on a Sunday night? Why is it Feminists always feel as though their one mission in life is to crap all over everybody’s fun?

No advertiser was safe from the humorless harpies of NARAL. Not even Snickers.


So the good old days of putting a man in a dress are now “transphobic.”

Sweet merciful Zeus.

And then there’s Doritos.

You gotta admit, it’s cute!

But the humorless harpies of NARAL weren’t amused.

Who knew “humanizing a fetus” is a “tactic” of the evil, evil “anti-choice” people?

How dare they “humanize” a human!!! Who do they think they are?!

Do these women at NARAL understand the concept of “humor?”

You see, we all know a baby in the womb wouldn’t want to eat a Dorito. We’re not stupid.

But, the Feminist Slogan is “That’s not funny!” Which NARAL came out and declared about this hilarious Hyundai commercial:

Again. That’s hilarious! I’ve watched it five times already and every time I howl laughing. Admit it. It’s funny!

But for the humorless harpies of NARAL? Not so much.

“Taking away your daughter’s automomy?!” Dear God, ladies. Get a friggin’ sense of humor.

Now, look. Far be it from me to play the “commercials must be socially significant and blah-blah-blah,” but look at it this way. Hyundai decided to do an ad were an African American father was not only present in his daughter’s life, but also making sure that she remained safe. In a society where 73% of black children are born to a single mother, couldn’t it be said that showing a father who takes care to keep his daughter safe something that young African Americans should want to emulate? And wouldn’t you further conclude that doing it in a humorous and entertaining way will be more encouraging than a stern, moralizing lecture about the importance of fatherhood?

But no matter. Hyundai is trying to sell cars, not promote “your daughter’s automony.”

Can’t Hyundai just tell a funny story that makes people laugh?

Honestly, Feminists suck all the humor out of a room.

They can’t help it. They’re humorless people.

What the humorless harpies of NARAL fail to comprehend is all they’ve managed to do with their silly Mission to shame Super Bowl commercials is make themselves the butt of some really clever jokes.

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One thought on “The humorless harpies of NARAL

  • February 8, 2016 at 9:57 am

    Dianny, this is what I find so irritating about identity politics. “The Oscars aren’t black enough!” The highest grossing movie of the year, Star Wars, had a black leading character, although I don’t remember thinking at the time, “Oh, good, they cast a black guy.” I was far more interested in his character in the film. Similarly the Hyundai ad last night–I didn’t think, as you mention above, “Thank goodness, they are showing a black FAMILY where the dad is present and interested in his daughter’s safety.” Instead, I thought about a dad concerned about his daughter. Race didn’t enter into it. But then, like you, I believe in individuals, not in group identities.

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