The Hush Money Route: Are Democrats in Congress this stupid?

It’s probably crystal clear by now that the anti-Trump forces in Washington have given up on the whole Russia Collusion bugaboo.

Why else would they now shift to “Trump paid hush money to two women and that might be a campaign finance violation. So IMPEACH!!!”

The usual suspects in Congress – namely the moronic Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Steve “Give Peter Strzok a purple heart” Cohen – are breathless with excitement at the prospect of nailing Trump to the wall for paying hush money.

It seems really self-destructive and stupid.

First of all, paying hush money is Standard Operating Procedure in Washington.

As Victor Davis Hanson points out at American Greatness:

In other words, Michael Cohen was a sort of rough-hewn version of former Bill Clinton crony Vernon Jordan. The latter, remember, was the erstwhile Clinton fixer who in 1998 had sought to keep the still unknown Clinton paramour Monica Lewinsky quiet—and to whisk her away from the Washington media, by arranging for Monica a quid pro quo $40,000 a year job with Revlon in New York, via Clinton friend and Revlon CEO Ron Perelman—all with impunity.

Cohen certainly lacked the tact and savvy of another Clinton clean-up specialist, Betsey Wright, who in 1992 coined the term “bimbo eruptions” for her efforts to track down and neutralize any sudden public confessionals from the legions of past Clinton hookups.

But let’s leave aside the obvious point that if candidate Trump used his own money to pay two women and get them to sign non-disclosure agreements, it isn’t a campaign finance violation.

Instead, let’s consider this.

Why would Congress want to go there?

A little over a year ago we learned that members of Congress have been using taxpayer funds to pay hush money to those who lodge complaints against them or their staff.

And these settlement agreements are sealed from We the People.

Yet it is We the People who are footing the bill.

So you’ll excuse me if I don’t want lectures from sanctimonious members of Congress over Donald Trump using his own money to make these two opportunists go away.

When you’re using taxpayer funds for settlement deals which you then put under seal, you really shouldn’t throw the first stone.

Know what I mean?

It’s the height of hypocrisy for anyone in Congress to be well-I-nevering over something that every person in Washington does.

Well, everyone but them.  Instead they have the added perk of the American taxpayers paying their hush money for them.

But their feigned outrage and disgust is hardly surprising.

As Daniel Greenfield put it perfectly in a column from February, this is just another example of “Abnormalizing Trump.” 

Even the things that are Standard Operating Procedure when anyone else in Washington does it is portrayed as “unprecedented” and wrong when it is done by Donald Trump.

Here’s some of what Greenfield wrote:

The #resistance has declared that its mission is refusing to ‘normalize’ Trump. That means it won’t accept that he won the election, that he has the right to issue orders or even exist. The violent protests, the marches, the judicial activism and the political sabotage all stem from that refusal to ‘normalize’.

Instead of ‘normalizing’ him, the left has ‘abnormalized’ him as aberrant in every possible way. And the media has built a profitable business model of catering to the radical left by pretending that normal behavior is a shocking outrage. That’s why CNN treated President Trump having 2 scoops of ice cream as a news story. Or why the media was certain that Trump had to be in poor health no matter what a doctor who had been vouched for by top Obama officials told them to their faces.

Abnormalization means that everything that Trump does is extraordinary and bad. Even down to eating ice cream or a cheeseburger. His health must be bad because he is a bad person. Nothing is too petty to be treated as an outrage. Including Melania’s shoes. And everything he does is bad because he did it.

Given that, it is hardly surprising that Trump paying a couple women to go away is portrayed as “worse than Nixon.”

When in reality, what’s “worse than Nixon” is Congress using us to pay off people to go away.

At this point, you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know that the goal has always been to destroy Donald Trump for having the gall to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

That’s why these idiots are willing to toss anything at the wall hoping something sticks.

It’s why that moron Ted Lieu who crowed endlessly about Russia for two solid years is now settling for “Trump paid hush money!!!”

But given Congress’ own history of hush money payouts funded by us, I think going this route could backfire on them in ways they should’ve seen if they weren’t so blinded by their hatred for the President.

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  • December 10, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    politicians don’t spend money like drunken sailors. Drunken sailors spend their own money

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