The louder they scream, the higher Trump’s approval rating goes

Trump's approval rating

Gallup is reporting that President Trump has reached the highest approval rating of his presidency.

Isn’t that a kick in the head?

At the risk of repeating myself, every time the Left pushes something, they always push too hard and too far. And as a result, their grand plan backfires on them.

For over a week now the anti-Trumpers have been howling like wounded beagles over illegal immigrants.

And instead of driving down the President’s approval rating, it’s driving it up.

I’m beginning to suspect that the two things are inversely proportional.

The more the Left descends into madness, the higher Trump’s approval goes.

Who’da thunk it?

Well, pretty much anyone with a functioning brain that’s who.

The majority of the country supports the President’s tough immigration stance.

Sure, the minority is infinitely louder.

Which is what happens when the minority is amplified by an advocacy news media, Hollywood, and, for some reason, Laura Bush.

Like I said over the weekend, this push over “the children” will backfire.

The fact is, Americans in general do not like being lectured, scolded and screamed at 24/7.

And you’d think after Hillary’s campaign-sinking “Deplorables” comment, they should’ve known that Americans won’t respond favorably to folks calling us called Nazis.

In their daily effort to make Donald Trump out to be an unhinged lunatic, the Left are sounding like, well, unhinged lunatics.

And normal people tend to avoid the crazy.

Not only that, their endless hyperventilating and name-calling is making folks realize that President Trump is the only adult in the room.

Given all that, I’m not surprised to see President Trump’s approval climb.

Sure, a lot of that is because he’s turned our economy around and people are working again.

But it’s also thanks in large part to screaming lunatics on the Left.

Which is why I’m thinking his approval rating will continue to climb.

Because these guy will continue to scream.

What’s worse, Hillary Clinton has now jumped on the Scream-About-Illegal-Alien-Children bandwagon.

And to add high comedy to hilarity, the drunken, resentful, greedy hag is actually citing the Jesus and the Bible.

Yeah. That’ll end well.

As I mentioned a while back, Hillary Clinton is a millstone. When she tries to hitch her political fortunes to any cause, she drags it down into the muck.

Not to mention, adding a few points to Trump’s approval rating with every drunken utterance she makes.

What the hysterical, unhinged Left fails to remember is in a crisis (even a manufactured one) saner heads will always prevail.

Right now, that saner head sits on Donald Trump’s shoulders.

And more Americans are beginning to realize that.

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