The mission is what matters

I’ve been following some interesting debates on Twitter, Facebook, and even the comments sections of the Right Scoop over the last few days.

The overall dynamic is this:

We’re angry.

We’re angry that we go to the polls election after election and vote for Republicans who go to Washington and turn into useless lumps of flesh, or worse, aid and abet the destruction of our Republic.

We’re angry that in 2014 we rose up and demanded that our Representatives stop Obama, and one of the first things they did after the November election was pass an omnibus spending bill before the newly elected Republicans even got to Washington. And this omnibus spending bill not only continued to fund Obamacare, but also funded the DHS — including Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Amnesty.

We’re angry because we’re the people who do the working, the taxpaying, the sweating and toiling in this country and we’re being ignored by Washington.

We’re angry because illegal aliens get more time and attention than citizens.

We’re angry because the newly elected Republican majority in the Senate committed suicide by willingly giving up their role in the treaty process with regards to this terrible, deeply dangerous Iran deal.

We’re angry because now those same Republicans are going on TV and pissing and moaning about how awful this deal is as if they had nothing to do with destroying their chances of stopping it.

We’re angry because they act as if we’re too stupid to know that is what they’ve done.

We’re angry because, with the exception of a small handful of people in Congress, both parties in Washington have abandoned the American people.

We’re damn angry.

And as I read these discussions, I see why many have turned that anger into support for Donald Trump.

He is the anti-party candidate. And we’re angry at both parties. So it makes sense that many were inspired by Trump when he first entered the race.

Finally! Someone was giving voice to the anger that we have felt bubbling up within us over the last ten or twelve years. Finally! Someone running for elected office was validating how we felt.

But last week’s debate, as inconsequential as debates generally are, has become a turning point. And not necessarily in a good way.

There’s a scene in Day 8 of the TV show “24” where Renee Walker goes back undercover to reconnect with a disgusting Russian mobster who may know something about nuclear rods being sold to terrorists. The guy is a sick and vile human being who abused Renee back when she originally was undercover. After the abuse begins again, Renee can take no more. Her rage overtakes her and she stabs the guy to death. Jack Bauer rushes into the room to help her and, blinded by her rage, Renee stabs Jack.

I feel like that is what has happened over the last five days. We’ve become so blinded by our own anger that, rather than focusing it like a laser beam at the source of the problem, we’re letting our rage spill out onto everyone in our reach.

The collateral damage has been immense.

And the result is discouraging me.

In our desire to vent our spleen at Fox News or Megyn Kelly, or at the politicians and journalists who criticize Trump, I fear that we’ve lost sight of the mission.

The Incredible Sulk

The mission is to restore this Constitutional Republic, to stop this Marxist fundamental transformation and to bring America back to the nation it was founded to be.

That has to be our focus.

That has to be our mission.

Not ego. Not insults. Not criticisms. Not one man. Not one debate.

The mission is what matters.

And, since I love taking examples from television. Here’s another.

In the final season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Buffy and her band of fighters are about to come face-to-face with The First — the source of all Evil. The First intends to destroy the earth and enslave the world.

It may very well be the last battle and the one that will determine whether Good will prevail over Evil.

In the midst of this, a new player joins Buffy’s fight. A man named Robin Wood, whose mother was also a Slayer. In fact, his mother was murdered by none other than Buffy’s fellow warrior, Spike the vampire.

Wood, so blinded by rage over his mother’s murder, decides to screw the mission and exact vengeance by killing Spike — despite the fact that Spike’s soul was restored and he is no longer the evil creature who murdered Wood’s mother.

It doesn’t go well for Wood. Spike beats the snot out of him, but leaves him alive on account of his killing Wood’s mum.

When Buffy finds Wood, alive, but badly beaten, this is the exchange she has with him:

I lost my mom a couple years ago. I came home and I found her dead on the couch.

I’m sorry.

I understand what you tried to do. But she’s dead.

Because he murdered her.

I’m preparing to fight a war, and you’re looking for revenge on a man who doesn’t exist anymore.

Buffy. Don’t delude yourself. That man still exists…

Spike is the strongest warrior I have, and we’re going to need him if we’re going to come out of this thing alive. If you try anything again, he’ll kill you, but more importantly, I’ll let him. I have a mission: to win this war, save the world. I don’t have time for vendettas.

She turns her back on him, begins to walk away.

The mission is what matters.

I fear that the man who stood on stage with people whose family members were killed by illegal alien criminals is no longer in this fight.

I fear that Donald Trump has lost sight of the mission.

He has been given a golden opportunity in the aftermath of this debate to rise about this petty bickering and redirect that anger and frustration back where it belongs. And he hasn’t done it. He has reveled in the petty. He has wallowed in the irrelevant.

He has lost the mission.

Now, the good news.

It is early yet. We have time to turn this around. There is value to the anger that Donald Trump tapped into. But that anger without the mission cannot bring about a solution.

We still have some time to get our heads back into the fight. Redirect the anger to where it belongs and keep it focused.

We have a mission.

To win back the country, to save our Republic.

We don’t have time for these vendettas.

The mission is what matters.

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