The Real Obama Legacy

In September of last year, ABC did a poll that found 55% of Americans believed that Barack Obama was dividing the country. A mere 38% believed he was uniting us.

This is the real Obama Legacy.

Division. Hate. Anger. Turmoil. Chaos.

All his flowery talk in 2004 of there not being a Red America and Blue America or a Black America and White America, only a United States of America was complete and utter bullshit.

Sure, I’d love to put it in a kinder way, but why sugar-coat it?

He is pitting American against American.

And he is doing it deliberately.

The real Obama legacy is one of division.

What’s more. He fully intends to continue living like royalty while he tears the nation apart.

While Ferguson burned last August, Barack Obama was in Martha’s Vineyard dancing the night away at a birthday party for Vernon Jordan’s wife.

Bush Ferguson Tweet

And while Baltimore erupted into violence Saturday night, Barack Obama was at the White House Correspondents’ dinner yucking it up with Hollywood celebrities and Washington elites.

He wants us at each other’s throats.

He is pitting American citizens against illegal immigrants.

Blacks against whites.

Women against men.

“Rich” against “middle class.”

Christians against gays.

It’s called “divide and conquer” for a reason.

And it is what Barack Obama has been doing to this country since January 20, 2009.

This is the real Obama legacy.

A legacy of division and unrest. Anger and resentment. Envy and spite.

All churning and boiling while he golfs, vacations, makes speeches about “fairness,” and wines and dines celebrities.

And, no, he doesn’t give a damn about the “optics” of Saturday night’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner juxtaposed against the riots in Baltimore.

He doesn’t care.

He’s getting everything he wanted. Wealth and finery for him and his family, chaos and turmoil for the rest of America.

How much easier it is to conquer a nation from within when you first tear us apart.

This is his Fundamental Transformation.

This is the real Obama legacy.

And it won’t stop. He won’t stop. He has a little more than a year and a half to go in his presidency.

And he won’t stop.

Not for a moment.