The Snowflake Collection

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos going around about the collective freak-out at Yale University last week when an army of precious snowflakes surrounded and verbally attacked a professor whose wife had the audacity to write an email saying students should basically suck it up and stop being such thin-skinned, easily offended douchenozzles over Halloween costumes.

It’s just one more in a long list of reasons not to waste money sending your children to college.

Any old how.

Sunday, Milo Yiannopoulos over at Breitbart wrote an article titled “ONLY CONSERVATIVES CAN SAVE THE AMERICAN CAMPUS–BUT SHOULD WE?


No, we shouldn’t. But that’s just me.

Personally, if I had teenage kids, I would not be encouraging them to attend college right after graduating high school. Instead, I would encourage them to get a job, start earning a living, and spend their late teens/early twenties learning how to make their own way in life. If, after some time, they have a clue what the hell they want to do, perhaps then they can take some classes that will help them achieve that goal. Then again, by that time, they may discover they don’t need or want to spend the money on college.

Going to college is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on young people.

It’s a waste of a mind.

Sure, they may enter college possessing what we on Planet Earth consider “common sense,” but after four years in American colleges, they come out as thin-skinned, overly protected precious snowflakes who take offense at everything.

What’s worse, they actually pay tens of thousands of dollars to undergo this intellectual lobotomy.

In his article, Yiannopoulos, while discussing the Yale Halloween Freak-Out wrote:

As you can see, Yale undergraduates want to replace the Skull and Bones with the Milk and Cookies. Perhaps in the future students will be issued a Yale Bulldogs pacifier, or a set of Yale Bulldogs earplugs, at the end of matriculation.

Naturally, it inspired me.

So, I decided to do a lampoon of the Yale Bookstore website and introduce the new Yale Snowflake Collection.


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The Snowflake Collection 1

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  • November 9, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    The rose-colored glasses are my favorite. LOL

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